Watch Party - May-December Couple - Sunday, Oct. 17, 2021 - 1 PM Eastern time!


My vote tied the two :joy: it’s 50-50 right now


Kiss goblin and Gourmet are neck and neck! :rofl:


Thursday 1 Pm EST maybe a bit tough for me. As it is work hours for me. I’ll try though. Which Show have we decided on?


we’re still deciding, so far it’s a tie, if you have a preference vote above for Kiss Goblin or Gourmet in Tang Dynasty.

We were talking about some day watching a movie on Sunday for those who can’t make Thursday but want to join, we seem to keep picking dramas though. so???


Kiss Goblin from me too


@perspective_of_life did you vote here?


@porkypine90_261 you might have to draw STRAWS!



Kiss Goblin


I haven’t watched Tang Dynasty that’s why I voted for that one, but I’d have no complaints rewatching Kiss Goblin.


same for me sweetybird




Did you love Incurable Case of Love???


I’m in! Super idea :heart_eyes:


I haven’t finished it yet. but as far as I saw it yesterday I liked it very much <3 i will watch it after i took a shower


I know everyone here is looking to watch something on Thursday, but if you would like to watch something tonight. Come join us for DOS! @10:30PM EST


I started both Drama’s but don’t think I finished either ROFL! This is a good opportunity to wrap up either, but think I prefer Gourmet in the Tang Dynasty… Kiss Goblin was a bit too sombre…



So what is the Deal-E-O for Thursday!??


I think Gourmet has edged out in the popular vote.


It shows at 50/50 right now. Is there a tiebreaker protocol? LOL


well me .but I don’t want to have to dodge rotten eggs that are thrown at me for choosing ‘incorrectly’

p.s. Ok, ok., In my arbitrary dictatorship I pronounce Gourmet in Tang Dynasty will be this week’s watch party and after we finish that one, we’ll watch Kiss Goblin.


What are the times on Thursday??