Watch Party - May-December Couple - Sunday, Oct. 17, 2021 - 1 PM Eastern time!


Do you want me to host at 1 pm or do you want to host?? On Thursday? @porkypine90_261

So what is going on with the watch party


O great and mighty Dictator, we will agree without question or whining. :joy:


You can host this time as long as you can stay the whole time. Got any appointments Thursday? The episodes are short so we may be able to finish it in one go if all our attendees are willing and able to do so. :smiley:


I’m here but I don’t know if I can binge the whole thing! I was planning on being around for a few hours - how long are the episodes? I could host the beginning and hand it over to you later if you want???

Doesn’t matter to me! :wink:

What about 4 hours??? @porkypine90_261


Foodie & A Hottie :fire:

Ok - come in whenever you want! See you at 1 pm Eastern

Just Watch


Where is Everybody???


This is my first watch party.
I see this upon clicking on the link:

There’s still 1 hour for the party, right? Should I click on “Join”?


It’s showing that " waiting for the host to start the party"


You can come in and chat with me but I’ll start at 1pm


Starts @ 1pm Eastern


You Coming???


Watch party starting any minute now!


New Link Take 2


@simi11 use this link and join in now ^^


Sorry, in the end 1pm didn’t work for me today.



Kiss Goblin Will Be Our Watch Party on Sunday, Oct 10, 1 pm Eastern :kissing_heart:

Thank you if you watched Gourmet In Tang Dynasty today!
I don’t think I can MARATHON watch like that again! I sat for WAY to long!
But look forward to more watch parties!


Everyone that came out today so FUN!


I will look and see what we had a poll for and then @my_happy_place help me add some more for Thursdays Watch Party - we can find a good one!


We need to start new threads for the watch parties because after so many days we can’t edit the top post.


I thought you changed this one for Quite a While! The new Kiss Goblin One can you change it to - Taking a Poll for Thursday’s watch party or something and we can make a list.

I loved Kiss Goblin!


I loved Kiss Goblin and I miss the watch party :disappointed_relieved:


Me toooo I LOVE Kiss Goblin, but I’ve told myself I can’t join any watch parties till I’m done with my exams :sob::sob:


Aw we had about 12 people in there yesterday