Watch Party NEW! - THURSDAY - Oct. 8, 1PM Eastern Time!


I don’t know how to use Discord???

Ok - Everyone who can
I will check back in closer to Sept 5th


meh. I don’t have a mic.


OKKK DONE !!! Sure


September 5th Still A Go for a Dali Temple Watch Party???


It works for me.

Can you change the title or do I have to do so?


I hv no powers


LOL :rofl: :sweat_smile:


I fixed the title. What time are we gathering?


1 pm Eastern Standard Time


Lets finalize 7 AM EST as final time. 7AM EST to 11AM EST, a short break if needed and 1PM EST to 2PM EST. (Check the time conversion here)


That’s 5 am Mountain Time. I can’t do that time. I am segging 5 shows during those hours. 5 am to 10 am.


Actually, @kdrama2020ali, who is hosting I think, set the time as 1 pm Eastern Time (US). I’m not really sure where the 7 AM Eastern time came from. That’s 4 am for me, and that’s just not happening. :sleeping::laughing:


I just need it after 1 pm we can do later! I thought 1 pm Eastern was working but throw out some other times from 1 pm to 11 pm I am there.


1 PM EST or later is fine with me.

Oh! Which episode are we starting with on Sunday? I forgot where we left off. (Too lazy to scroll up, are we, eh?)

Ok, quit being lazy and scroll UP! Wew finished Episode 7.

Oh! and it was Jedelande’s family in Haiti. She said everyone except her grandfather was ok. He got caught in rubble and was injured (his leg?) but he should be ok after a while.


Sure got it



OK will 6 pm work? That way maybe more people can participate. So 6 pm EST
Let me know!???


6 PM EST. That works 4 pm Mountain time.


Should work for me.


6 PM EST is 3 AM early morning for me


@porkypine90_261 What time is best for your ? According to your time tell me
@my_happy_place What time is best for your ? According to your time tell me
@kdrama2020ali What time is best for your ? According to your time tell me

I would convert all times and get a mid range time, so tell me time max for 6 hrs range (eg: 6pm - 12 am or 3pm - 9pm, etc).
So we have various timezones I guess:-
IST , MT , EST and PT