Watch Party NEW! - THURSDAY - Oct. 8, 1PM Eastern Time!


@kdrama2020ali said she was available any time from 1 pm to 11 pm EST (Eastern US). I am also available during that same time period which is 10 am to 8 pm my local time (PST), and I think @porkypine90_261 said that same time period worked for her as well.

So it sounds like maybe the earlier time of 1 PM EST is better for you. Kdrama, who is going to be hosting, has already gone to bed and won’t be able to respond for a while, but if you leave your thoughts, she will finalize the time tomorrow.


Are we back to 1 pm EST ??? @perspective_of_life

I also need help knowing how to set it up and stuff. Do we really have to leave after each episode and come back in like last time???



It’s easy to do but you have to select each episode one at a time.

1: Go to:

2: On the episode that you want to watch, click the popcorn bucket.
3: Give it a name and click Create Watch Party. (It won’t start until you press play.)
4: Copy the URL and post it here so people can find it.
5: When everyone finally arrives, press Play Video Now.

That’s it!


I was doing some research on the watch party yesterday, and I found some useful information here:

According to this, there is a way to be able to continue through multiple episodes without stopping, but I didn’t read all the instructions.

If we don’t hear from @perspective_of_life, are we sticking to the 6 pm?


I’m ok with 1 pm if everyone wants to or we could do 3 pm whatever I’m easy


Ok so you will want to watch ahead if you want to discuss and watch our HOTTIE move back and forth because it is hard to read subtitles and chat at the same time.

We need a Time we all Agree on!

I think we need to Start at Eps 7. I think we finished 6. I show I’m on the middle of 7.

What say you guys! Just let me know!


As a host, if you have selected a TV series for your party, you can click next episode watchparty_nextep.png to continue watching with all participants.

So I can actually go to Eps 7 and start a watch party from there! Just wondering where to continue so we don’t have to keep going in and out - :thinking:
My concern is if I start a watch party for the series - How do we get to #7 so we can start from there. If we start from #7 I’m not sure I can forward on to the next one.


If starting from the beginning is the only way to have an option to move on to the next episode without starting a whole new watch party, you can probably do it that way. I assume, like under normal watching circumstances, you can skip to the next episode at any point without watching the one you are on, so we can do it that way and just skip through what we’ve already watched.

Or you can just start at ep 7 and make a new watch party for each new ep like we did last time. Whichever one you feel like doing, I guess.


We finished Episode 7. We should start on EP 8.


That’s fine with me since I just re-watched most of 7 just to see if I remembered it, which I did.


Ok. Let’s finalize this beast already!


@kdrama2020ali will start the watch party

Starting on Episode 8

At the following times (zones.)

2 PM - Atlantic Time
1 PM - Eastern Time
12 PM - Central Time
11 AM - Mountain Time
10 AM - Pacific Time

Is this a go?

I’m going offline in a bit and won’t see the answer till tomorrow.


Since I think all of us U.S. peeps are good with the 1 PM EST time, I think that probably works best for @perspective_of_life too. So I say make it official, but I will leave the final decision up to @kdrama2020ali as the host, if ‘Perspective’ doesn’t get back to us.


Ok see you guys at 1 pm and we will try to figure out this watch party together so we can forward it instead of going out and in.

See you at 1 pm tomorrow! Fun!


DEAL! ok 10 characters…


We just have to have 3 people to get the Watch Party Going! Hopefully more will join


I’m free now lets start


Deal done !!!


Just put up a tag to ping me !! @porkypine90_261 @my_happy_place @kdrama2020ali !!


I’ll see you at 11 am MT.

TWO HOURS from now


tennis on point



Count Down - I am going to do my best to try to start it and scroll to Eps 8! First before we just do it one by one if we have to - please be patient!

What are your snacks!? I am doing Nutella and Pretzels
Pink Lady Apples, Gouda and Pepper Triskets


Good morning/afternoon. I’m here and ready and waiting.