We refuse to work for abusive Channel Managers! 😡


I know this post is going to be flagged and deleted soon. But let’s liven up the atmosphere once again.

Don’t add abusers as either CM, or moderator. That’s ridiculous. Some people who can’t even use a proper english (Even French in that case) were added mutliple times in important roles. I won’t say which channel, because I don’t want the post to be considered inappropriate or an ad hominem attack. But I’m always available if you want to know which channel is targeted here.

My point is : We’d like to know how you’re selecting your Channel Managers. Are you using a software to randomly choose among the list of applicants, or are you thoroughly observing who are the contributors. It’s not the first time you’ve added an abuser as CM or Moderator. If you want the quality subtitles created by an incredible community as you’re advocating,and not only quantity (as we’re thinking) please be consistent in your choices and listen to the community.

These are your guidelines for choosing a CM.

  • Proven track record and good standing in the Viki Community.

Oh, how I’ve proven multiple time what the records were and are. The facts are talking for themself. You just need to take a look at them.
Report numbers : #1509535 ; #1508998 ; #1493640 (If you want to take a look) + Pm with diverses informations you received.

To show you how the subtitles look like, a few exemple:
It’s perfectly fine in English, however, in French, ending a sentence by : “oui, il est.” Has no meaning.

Everything’s wrong in this sentence… It’s written: (he) stops him already and ventilation of her face.

And saldy, these are not the only two sentences I have…

"A Channel Manager (CM) is the main leadership role within a channel’s team structure. Channel Managers are the major decision makers who make sure the channel is being run smoothly." (Guidelines)

Shouldn’t one speak a decent english to be able to run a channel smoothly, how can you be sure there won’t be any consequences while adding an abuser to such an important role ? You’re not even supervising.

This is what WAS written on the cover page. (And which was apparently copied BY another user.)
Since then it has been removed and modified. You can’t find it anymore.

"Hi everyone ! I hope that all is great for you !
I take the asks of moderations until […].
Things important to know :

  • Have your QC status. !
  • […] Be sure that you will can take care for it until the end. !
  • Cover Page come soon ! !

Thank you for your interest for this project.

In recruit :
English Edit for check that the translation it’s okay.
Segmenter for check that the segments are good.

If you have of questions, […]!

(I removed few bits, but sentences were not altered.)

Btw, 10 months and still counting for my reports!
Do I get a special anniversary gift for 1 year without an answer? :slight_smile:

@vikicommunity @giant_sean @amm11 @amyk :wave:


Even amongst fluent English speakers there is room for misunderstanding. Let alone here.


To be appointed as a channel manager…

  • Proven track record and good standing in the Viki Community.

I have been noticing that recent appointed managers are fairly new I guess Viki wants to give them a chance. How many completed projects as managers is required? Anyway, I only hope things go smoothly for their teams.


I’m all for letting new contributors be channel Manager, given that they have experiences at least as moderators, just not Abusers honnestly… They’re adding whoever without checking. Even someone who was reported…


I see they still haven’t checked the reported abusers you mentioned long before :disappointed:

A message from 10 months ago??? It seriously needs attention and a proper answer.


Oh no! But I knew they wouldn’t! My one year anniversary is going to be dope! Prepare yourself, you might see a topic pop up :slight_smile: (It might infringe a few guidelines, but who care since they won’t handle abusers. We’re free to do whatever!)


Okay I just figured out the channel in question.

That channel was just created this week so my guess is that they were desperate to choose a manager.

The episodes will be uploaded in 6 days???

OMG! A Gold Qc likely to be an abuser? This is something they need to investigate further.


Not surprising considering how abuser tend to get ahead faster than other volunteers precisely because they are abusing the system.


Joing the club… Same situation, no answer for almost a year XD And they also got appointed as a CM, I just don’t understand…


I know we’ve been in the same boat all this time! I feel you.
But rejoice my friend, it’s an anniversary, it must be celebrated :smile:

At this point, I’m just wondering how many anniversaries I’ll see!


That’s funny actually! I found someone who has the same cover page for a movie. So Who was first the chicken or the egg? Any fellow spanish interested? :slight_smile:


I found the movie channel in question.

I think the just appointed drama manager copied and pasted the movie manager’s exact cover page because the movie channel was created before. Maybe her English is not good enough and used another vikier’s cover page…

But, I have just checked the drama channel again and its cover page has been changed to a shorter new version.

@justine_desmoulins You are really a good detective :sunglasses:


When I read your post, the movie had no cover page yet.


I don’t tend to check movies.
Anyway, now both channels have different cover pages.


Yes. And I haven’t discovered the drama yet, but it’s likely the same person.


You won’t find it now, the cover page has been edited.
It is one of the very recently created channels. It is a Japanese channel.:wink:


@mirjam_465 & @marykarmelina You’re both amazing and would make great detectives! So we know where it started.:mag:

Even if they have different cover pages, do not fret, I screened everything. I know how fast things tend to change over here :slight_smile:


You know you’ve got serious problems when even the page you choose to copy from word-to-word uses garbage English :skull::joy::joy:


Viki only gave one day for CM applications, which is really not a good idea. Besides the abuser side of the story which I don’t know about, the fact that she’s giving until August 26th for OL moderators to apply when the film is going to be released in a few days is a bit problematic.


I’d say that’s just a mistake in months, it probably should be july? But I’m only guessing, we will see.