We refuse to work for abusive Channel Managers! 😡


Indeed, but let’s say, they couldn’t do anything about deadlines, we’ll give them this. (It’s better to have dramas late than never),

The main issue is they chose without checking who was the person. They cannot choose at random!
My reports about her have been pending for almost 10 months. They have private messages from me about this person regarding her french subtitles… if French isn’t her main language, then it should be english, as these two languages are the most commonly used in Canada. But we’ve seen here that english wasn’t her strengh either… And you’re telling me this person who’s abusing in French (On peut en discuter, si ça t’intéresse) and could easily have misunderstanding in english is CM… That’s only ridiculous to me.

They changed the cover to a more official one, and it’s still written 26. It’s probably only a mistake, I’ll give her that. They should probably change it soon.


Yeah Viki really should screen future CM’s better and deal with abusers faster. But some abusers are around for a long time already and their accounts are still not suspended while many people reported those over and over again.

But wow a deadline to apply for a position. Does she plan to only add people in august or does she plan to ignore everyone who wants a position after that date?


A lot of CMs do that nowadays. They write on the cover page when they are going to review the applications and make their choice so that they don’t just end up taking the ones who apply first. Of course, if later someone applies for a language that doesn’t have a moderator yet, they can still be added.


Mixing up July with August is huge. If it’s written as numbers, it could be a typo. If not…

This is just sad, sad, sad.


They lately selected a Channel Manager for a movie that was reported for

  • copying 3000 subs from some illegal streaming platform to Viki for Chin. to Eng. subs
  • translating a movie into Korean and Chinese using different translators (there weren’t any differences, it was 1:1 the same, no alterations, nothing) => after being confronted they first told that they didn’t do it, then that they shared their account, then they deleted subs, but still continued to subtitle Chinese to English
  • that started off as a Japanese to English translator not knowing Japanese
  • subs in supposed mother tongue are 98% Deepl (only very few sentences differ or female/male forms are adjusted, referring to longer sentences as short stuff might always match a Translator anyway)

They were reported more than 2 months ago. But now selected as CM. Why? Because before selecting someone reports aren’t checked it seems. So I do criticize this. My last CM report (for another matter) before this one was answered about 7 months after submitting it.

On the other hand, many established people have issues with English, maybe even with their native language, and it’s rather difficult to do anything about it. Furthermore, I would people who have issues with their respective language to perhaps avoid moderating/editing at least, but Viki won’t be able to prove these issues. There are too many languages in the first place, and not everyone might be objective either in making recommendations. There are many conflicts and I received anonymous PMs as well as weird claims before as a CM. If someone hands me proper evidence, fine, but it’s not my business if someone is accused of “having too short deadlines as a moderator”. Then don’t subtitle for them. :roll_eyes:

Anyway, except for very obvious cases, a CM basically only has to know enough English to communicate and do their job by selecting appropriate staff members. This has happened here, I guess. :woman_shrugging:


This thread should be renamed to something more provocative for Viki. Such as “Not everybody has the right to be a CM”. Or “We refuse to work for abusers as CMs”

@justine_desmoulins, you are too polite! This is a debacle what Viki’s team is doing.


That’s why I’m pissed. It’s preposterous.

Honestly, for some even subtitling would be hard… But I understand the difficulties of proving, and we always come to the same conclusion that each language should have a representative. But for Viki that means potentially loosing people who increase the quantity of subtitles on their website.


@bozoli You’re absolutely right! I’ll rename the topic, but as soon as they’ll start work tomorrow, it might not be here anymore ^^

BTW, we’re watched! It’s official, it was meant to be the 26 july :rofl:


You give them a good start of the week @justine_desmoulins :see_no_evil:
How dare you, poor staff :rofl:

But really they should have tackled this issue years ago :roll_eyes:


This way, they can at least have a good talk while drinking some coffee :coffee:


This isn’t the first time. Several years ago someone whom I reported as an abuser had her subs reduced on the channel she was on with me but viki did not revoke the person’s contribution privileges. Despite that “organizational knowledge”, I later learned the staff gave her the manager’s position on an already completely subbed channel I had worked on previously when the original manager became inactive. The abuser had the nerve to edit the Final Credits to thank herself as channel manager, even though she had not been on the English subbing team and had never contributed any lines to the drama and showed no respect to the original manager by removing her name off the cover page.
Can you imagine my surprise and anger? I wrote to the then head of community support who promptly removed the abuser.
Let us give the viki community support team the benefit of the doubt for this huge error. Perhaps the person who read your abuse report is no longer at viki since it is ten months ago that you reported the abuse? Or perhaps different people review abuse reports and assign channels? I notice when I report to @QC, I get a canned reply from someone whom I don’t communicate with at community support.


Too bad you missed out on the special one-year anniversary gift @justine_desmoulins and @zyxw are going to get. :upside_down_face:

A lot of people here have issues with their native language, including some of the English natives.

I’ve had a few CMs whose English was so bad that it created misunderstandings. Once I even used someone who spoke the CM’s own language as an interpreter.


That’s the same in every language. I’m aware that in some language communities these people might be not as welcome. On the other hand, I know from cases in our community that some people tend to improve a lot with some guidance (or at least put lots of work into it). Still, I wouldn’t recommend moderating or editing to everyone necessarily.

I feel sorry about that… :eyes: But I checked again, and I reported the “fake translator” on May 30, but they’ve been active for a year now and were removed a few times.

The other matter was submitted more than 7 months ago, updated around February and closed in March. Now, I received a message in July about it.
Not to forget the person that put me in a message with a community manager to make some weird claims. :no_mouth: The support / complaint management on Viki isn’t meeting the expectations.


That’s exactly why we reestablished the Dutch Subbing Academy.

Me, neither. Yet, as long as they are Gold QCs, lots of CMs just assume they must be good.


@cgwm808 That’s daring! Thank god it was handled fast! Who know what could have happened!

Indeed, before I was mainly in contact with jeslyn, poor her, I wasn’t always soft because it’s always complicated with reports. But I did appreciate her keeping in touch at least.

The issue with this report is that it was supposedly handled but for the wrong assumptions… The title was cleary us of a software, and they somehow understood “several accounts were run by one contributor” Which is totally not what I was informing them of. So you can only imagine how I was taken aback. Therefore I immediatly reopened the ticket. Since then I only added more and more information and Pm’ing them from time to time. But nothing really changed… So I’m still waiting and seeing my language being butchered.

Surely, but it just means they should communicate more between staffs/departements. That is also why I asked a clarification of their tasks. So we know. But they are not interested in sharing apparently…


I don’t know who ever had the idea of creating subbing academy, but that was a damn idea.
Still, it’s also while training in the academy that abusers get caught… And that’s why I’m probably one of the only French contributor to create reports…

(I’ve added two examples in the main message, since I showed you her english capacity, I though I should show you her French. Although, it might be harder to understand for some OL, I tried my best to explain in English. I should really post them in the funny subbing mistake topic. But they’re more horrendous to me than funny.


This is how i would translate to French, translating word for word way too literally because I’m not fluent :sweat_smile::joy:


Actually, I think you’d be better. I honnestly don’t know how she got from blurring to ventilate… That’s a mistery to me.


Indeed I have had several experiences in which community support is unaware of what another department did until we users asked community support about an issue. One time there was even a survey of users done by a department other than community support. And in one instance a community support person asked me for information which is surely in the records of community support.
I too miss Jeslyn.


That’s not very professionnal, I’d say…
And mariliam too.

BTW, the person in question just received a new moderation, so RIP French.:wave: