Webtoon Recommendations?


Okay, so I wanted to know if anyone out there reads webtoons and if you have any recommendations. I don’t care if they’re Originals or on Discover. I’ll put some below that I did like.

My All Time Favorite:

Some Other Ones I Liked So Far:
-April Flowers
-Age Matters
-I Love Yoo
-Siren’s Lament
-Odd Girl Out
-The Second Lead Syndrome

Some Fun Ones I Like to Read Occasionally:
-3 Second Strip
-Sarah’s Scribbles

What I Didn’t Like:
-Let’s Play
-Mage and Demon Queen
-Tower of God


I do remember someone posted here about a webtoon … Ah, here it is:


Here are a few webtoons I highly recommend:

  • Sub Zero
  • Freaking Romance
  • Lost In Translation
  • Days of Hana
  • UnTouchable - Cdrama based off of this is called “I Cannot Hug You”
  • Orange Marmalade - Kdrama based off of this has the same name
  • Good Day To Be a Dog

Note: some of these webtoons only show a few chapters and require you to wait to read more of them, so… Yeah… Just a heads-up. I also recommend reading the webtoon before watching the drama. Hope you like them…


I’ve read the last three maybe I’ll try the other ones. Thank you for the recommendations.


I think you should try “Always human”. It is my favorite webtoon of all time. I hope you enjoy it. :blush: