What are moderators?

hi, i’m still new to this, and there a few parts i don’t quite understand. what are moderators, and what do they do? i also want to know what status you need to be to become a moderator. it would be greatly appreciated if someone could clarify for me. thank you!

Hello @parkjiu!
I am happy to see that you’re actively working on Viki.

Most CMs don’t accept moderators if they’ve more than 3 projects at a time and are incomplete. It doesn’t mean that people with three projects where they contributed and are complete can’t moderate

This is simply put more as a rule so that hoarders don’t keep booking projects to themselves and let the project without completing it for years to come.


A QC is officially allowed 3 on air projects and a Gold QC 5 on air projects. The amount of projects that are not on air is not officially decided, but indeed a lot of channel managers are reluctant to take on moderators who already have too many projects going on.

Your exact role as a moderator depends on your language, how big your team is, and to some extend on the channel manager. In essence you are (in some cases together with other moderators who each have their specific role) responsible for your team of subbers who are susposed to translate your drama correctly and, in case it’s on air, in a reasonable time. You have to motivate the team, tell them what to do and edit their subs.
In the smaller languages moderators often work alone or in very small teams. In that case the moderator might take on all functions, including that of the subbers.
In most cases you start out as a subber and, once you have enough experience, you’re more likely to be allowed to become a moderator.