What are some unknown dramas on viki that you are watching?

Here on viki it is easy to find popular dramas that have a big fan base and large subbing teams. But it’s much harder to find out about other dramas that are not as popular or well known. Usually these smaller channels do not have as much support or exposure that the more popular channels have. But there are many hidden gems amongst the unknown dramas! Let’s show some love to the smaller channels of viki!

This brings me to my question–What are some dramas that are not very well known on viki that you wish more people knew about? What unknown dramas are you watching or following right now?

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[Tw-dramas] </font size>

An Innocent Mistake (Status: Subbing paused. / Genre: Human, romance, family)

Short synopsis–A girl who was adopted and raised by three women reconnects with her father.

My thoughts: Although subbing is on hold for this tw-drama, I have high hopes for it. From the first episode alone I really like the characters and the filming style. It feels different from other tw-dramas.

[J-dramas]</font size>

DOCTORS (Status: Subbing almost complete / Genre: Medical)

Short synopsis–Dr. Sagara is a skilled surgeon who begins working at a failing hospital. In contrast to the other doctors at the hospital, he truly cares about his patients and is always wearing a smile. But behind that smile Sagara is actually always manipulating the other doctors to get what he wants…

Comments–I like DOCTORS because it is not about a super-doctor who has a huge sense of justice. Instead Sagara is not a perfect hero, he still manipulates others to get what he wants. To him the ends justify the means. Also the cast for DOCTORS is great.

[C-dramas]</font size>

The Princess (Status: Subbing starting / Genre: Rom com)

Short synopsis–A rich girl suddenly becomes poor. She encounters several challenges as she learns how to fend for herself.

Comments–Haven’t started watching this yet since the channel is still newly started. The heroine is played by Ady An though!

A Story of Lala’s Promotion (Status: Subbing paused / Genre: Office)

Short synopsis–Du Lala becomes an admin assistant in a large corporation. Eventually she learns the ropes of office life and works her way up the corporate ladder.

Comments–I saw the first few episodes of this drama and I really like Du Lala’s character. She is pragmatic and hardworking although she is still a newbie at her job. It is also unique for a c-drama since it is about the workplace.

This question is hard hehehe, all dramas that I normally watch are popular, but I am current watching an historical drama called Princess’s Man with Moon Chae Won and I didn’t have high expectations but I am actually enjoying it.


Cool, I heard that that drama has some really beautiful costumes!! w

I watched so many that it’s hard to answer your question. I’ll mention a few…

Cuo/Xi Dian Yuan Yang (Chinese). It’s 2 series. Both series are in the same fan channel. It’s completely subbed in several languages. Loved that we get a happy ending.

On Style - Style Log (Korean). It’s new on viki so there’re only 2 videos but others will be added soon.

Summer Fever (Taiwanese) Cast: George Gu. Wished we had an uploaded or it could get licensed so we could bring it back on viki because it’s completely subbed and people are still asking for it. I liked it a lot.

Want to watch Give Love Away (Korean). Cast: Hong Soo Hyeon,
Lee Sang Yeob, Sin Da Eun, Seo Ji Seok, Nam Bo Ra. Hope we get the license. But a lot of people don’t know about this one yet. I’m biased about the above dramas because I’m a CM on them.

Also want to watch The Legend of Zhen Huan (Chinese) but the subbing stopped. I liked I Do? and Devil Beside You (Both Taiwanese). I Do? is completely subbed. Watched them long time ago but they were good.

Wow thanks for this! I haven’t heard of Summer Fever before, I will check it out. It also sounds like Cuo Xi Dian Yuan Yang has a good cast and it’s amazing that all 50 episodes have been subbed. O___O

Legend of Zhen Huan subbing has resumed but it is very slow going. Devil Beside You is a great drama, I have great memories of it! :smiley:

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a good way to find interesting unknown dramas is to google it and also find an actress or actor that you like and look at their older work but make sure its good though before hand

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secret agent erica

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Godhand Teru a good short japanese drama

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I watched unexpected you(My husband got a family) it’s a 58 episodes k-drama but it’s really good

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Legend Of Hua Mulan

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yeah it is
i am also trying to find 49 Days but couldn’t found yet


Ooo that is the one with Dylan Kuo eh?

Thank You (Korean) - Melodrama/Romance - One of the best series I’ve ever watched. Deals with AIDS and it’s stigma in Korea without being heavy-handed and inspiring not depressing. Real fully developed characters with strengths and weaknesses.The story and pacing of the show is excellent and there are no lulls. Would LOVE to see it come to Viki.If it is on Viki please someone tell me how to find it.

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Wow I’ve never heard of that kdrama before but it sounds great! I hope it can be on viki too!

Yes. There are 2 TV version Legend of Hua Mulan and Mulan.

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I’m going to wait until Legend of Zhen Huan is completely subbed to finish watching. It’ll be a marathon like I did with 2 Weeks. : )

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Do any of you know about good Chinese dramas that are completely subbed?


Heheh it will take a long time for the Legend of Zhen Huan to finish subbing. Episodes 1-25 are already subbed in high quality though.

Probably the most popular completed c-drama on viki would be Bu Bu Jing Xin. I’m not sure if you’ve already seen it though. >_<

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