What are u guys watching?


I am a little confused that what i should watch…
if u are watching something…comment below
and please recommend me…



Well, what do I say?
For once when you open a thread make sure there isn’t already something alike.
Like this

or tell us what you are looking for

or let us know what you liked or already watched and didn’t like
so we can make recommendations that fit you

Hope you don’t mind, but there are already so many “equal” threads in here.
Let us know more about you, then we can “throw” so many drama suggestions to you, that you might not know where to start.


I can recommend TAXI DRIVER the drama, and there’s a movie with almost same title. BOTH are great!

Also MISSING: THE OTHER SIDE the stories are sad, but in the end it has a heavenly outcome.

HOTEL DE LUNA is awesome if you haven’t watch it yet.

Dramas that left good feelings and great memories.


ENJOY YOUR WEEKEND and HAVE LOTS OF FUN WATCHING this suggested titles. They are a mix of funny, action packed and romantic too.


:joy::joy: I remember how I had made a topic asking for recommendations and got completely bowled over​:sweat_smile: I was like a kid in a toy store and you and all those other drama veterans were the sales clerks!

The amount of fun I had looking through suggestions and digging around on Viki…now I’ve joined the sales ranks :joy: