What are ya'll watching


i watched many dramas this month and i guess they were where stars land , extra curricular, my secret romance, she was pretty , the k2, melting me softly and i guess two or three more and i really want some new ones cuz i’m out of ideas and since i was too bored i re-watched strong girl do bong song and healer so i really want new dramas. :blush:



Some really good dramas I’ve watched this year:

and some funny variety shows if you like that sort of stuff


I am watching too many right now!! lol Whenever that happens, I find myself in a slump situation and take a break and watch a oldie but goodie. I am currently watching My shy Boss (Introverted Boss) on Netflix and there are few new dramas that are I watching on other (legal) sites.

Is Ice Fantasy good?


For some reason I could not get into melting me slow even though I like the leads. I will probably give it a try again at some point. There are a lot of new dramas out there. My love, enlighten me is new and good. Fatal Promise - though I took a break from the melo…


I loved Ice Fantasy, and I’m a very PICKY with K/C/J dramas. Is a bit too long for my taste; so that to me was a turn off. Over all, for a change the ending wasn’t bad at all. It took me about a month bc I would take breaks in between since like I said I felt it would never end and I don’t recommend you skip parts. Enjoy.

PS. I also didn’t like Melting me slow. I tried several times going back to it but is definitely not for me.


i loved melting me softly so much i mean it was a fantasy i don’t know why you hated that show but in my opinion it was one of the best romance stories i watched


ya’ll are just weird, i’m sorry but melting me softly was really good i just don’t get what you guys hated


also i’m watching hi by mama it’s way too sad like really sad i didn’t finish it yet but for now i literally cried my a** out the story is kinda exciting like you wanna know what’s gonna happen


also i’m watching hi by mama it’s way too sad like really sad i didn’t finish it yet but for now i literally cried my a** out the story is kinda exciting like you wanna know what’s gonna happen.


btw my shy boss is already on my watch list lol


bahahah!! I really tried to get into it…You see I have this bad habit that I sometimes read the recaps before I finish a drama. Especially if I get to a point where I am getting bored…and I saw how it ended and as like umm naw…i’ll pass lol


shy boss is decent. I will not say it’s great as I have seen better but I liked it okay. Resist the temptation to skip episodes though. You will hate the female lead in the beginning but will come to understand why she was doing what she was doing and you will come to love her. I hated the 2nd male lead…even at the end…nothing worse than a guy that thinks he is all that and loves attention. The show touches on some sensitive subjects like self harm and suicide.

@angelight313_168 - did Ice fantasy have a happy ending? Is the FL smart and strong? I can’t stand a weak female lead.


In my opinion, it does have a happy ending although there are things that left me a bit disappointed in the end, but compared to other endings in dramas, this one was decent enough. The female lead is not weak but it has moments that will get on your nerves. Just check it out; by the first episode you’ll see if you want to stay watching the rest.

@noweeerrr . Since you are 15 years old only, I understand the way you expressed yourself the way you do. I never said ‘‘I hate the drama’’ hating and not liking it, is two total different things. It wasn’t my taste but I am in my late 50’s and certain themes that I feel are too fake don’t appeal to me. I like action packed dramas bc I am tired of so many romantic dramas they have here lately. I did tried to watch it several times but it didn’t appealed to my taste. Young people like you would definitely love this type of dramas, and I bet you won’t like the ones I like. For example, THE DIVINE FURY (its a movie with a religious theme and very, very scary) or THE FIERY PRIEST (this one is a combo of funny and emotional and no romance involved).

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Hadn’t heard of them, but just took a look. The Fiery Priest was not available here, but I put The Divine Fury on my to watch list, so thanks. :slight_smile:


sameeeee lmoa :laughing:


thank you i’ll make sure i read the since i’m new plus i don’t watch scary movies but i’ll make sure to watch the second show you mentioned :slight_smile:


these are too many but i’ll watch ahahaha


i already started watching sweet munchies and i’ll watch the others



This one it’s so funny you will laugh with GUSTO. It’s here on Rakuten Viki

This one is a combo of stigmata and Constantine (exorcism) is a GREAT 2 hour movie. Time flies.

NO romance involved in this two but action packed just what I like lol