What are ya'll watching


Haha I’ve discovered so many new dramas in 2020 that I can’t believe I never saw before, and there’s also many amazing new dramas coming out as well so no wonder :smile:


The Fiery Priest is not in my area, but I will watch The Divine Fury.
And were you talking about Stigmata with Patricia Arquette?


@angelight313_168 - I am officially adding The Divine Fury to my list. I love scary movies. hmm.I will have to look into fiery priest. Have you seen Kingdom? I would say its supernatural/horror. It’s on netflix.


Love Stigmata. That is a classic!


Me too! :sunglasses:



I have seen Kingdom and Kingdom 2 on Netflix and I am anxiously waiting for part 3! Yes they left it incomplete, and I hope Kingdom 3 is the last part bc there is so much jumping and screaming I can take from this zombies. This was done to perfection makeup, scary scenes, perfect scary and insane to think I shake just from thinking about it is that intense and scary to me. Of course, RESIDENT EVIL is #1 and I suffered so much watching it bc it was way too scary I sleep with the lights on (last week I re-watched a part but I couldn’t go through that again so I dropped it)

I am re-watching RAMPANT with my cutie Hyun Bin is about zombies too. A movie though. On NTFLX I saw Memories Of Alhambra and it has a part 2 that I’m anxiously waiting for but don’t see it happening any time soon. Memories of Alhambra will make you scream, jump, bite your nails the whole 9 yards and it has romance in it. A nice touch to it, to help you ease the tension when that song starts playing and you know what’s coming. lol



Yes, that one. when you see the movie you’ll see why I mentioned that. I hope you do watch the drama bc Park Seo Joon showed the world he can take any role not only romantic themes that are growing old on me and he’s doing too many of them and is getting boring already.

Since as we know in the ‘‘romance department’’ they keep adding same scenes, story plot I just can’t stomach them anymore. It’s like when you eat something day after day, and one day, you throw up and your body will not take one more bite of it. That’s how I feel about these romantic dramas; I had too much of the sweet stuff to the point I have no interest in it. lol

PS Hope one day you get to see The Fiery Priest I have never laughed so much with an Asian drama even the gross out parts were hilarious in this drama.


I definately will! :slight_smile:


ikr :joy::rofl:


Currently watching these three:


watching for the third time, firey priest, loved it and laugh for sure. and most of what y’all mentioned I am watching as well, one at a time, no, one EPISODE at a time!


This one is different. Come and watch.


I finished watching The King - Eternal Monarch and I really liked that show. but I like Sci-Fi and enjoyed all the geek science in that one - parallel worlds, paradoxes, Quantum Mechanics, Schrodinger’s cat, etc. :grin:

I also just finished "The Love Knot: His Excellency’s First Love. - That one is sci-fi-fantasy - It was very interesting, about an alien who has lived for centuries but always finds his human love after her every reincarnation. It also explains the gumiho origin source. :slight_smile: cuz, he’s really a gumiho who only eats flowers - while others eat human livers.

Flower Crew - Joseon Marriage Agency - I am still watching this one. It’s basically My Fair Lady Korean Style. It’s a lot of fun and can see that learning Korean is paying off cuz I’ve picked up a few things that weren’t translated which makes the show more fun.

I’ll come back later with more.


Hotel De Luna


Just finished, Angel’s Last Mission…Love!
It was a lot of sadness in it, but I enjoyed it. :slight_smile:


I am watching those:

Finished: Funny ride, doesn’t take itself very serious so you can watch this without expectations.

At the moment:

2 EP left, but until now I loved everything about this drama. The story, acting, ost was ok & setting was just relaxing and pure healing.

Very nice drama until now, this kdrama is like a makjang but it’s not so apparent and still has many twists and turns until ep 8 but even then I enjoy every episode so far! Every character is well-construced and the acting is really good. I also cried two times till now so I can say this drama makes you cry but it’s sometimes funny as well so this is great to watch as a family.


my girl, the taiwanese version(?) refreshing, and think it may be better than the Korean version, i am on the 3rd episode and do like it


so cute, some of it I think it could have been written better in some of the story. n I don’t mean the love angle, but it stil was a good drama anyway


I am planning to watch ninja warrior nuns today


I recently finished Fleet Of Time (TH) and apart from what I need to watch for my projects, I’m now watching Sumika Sumire (thanks to @angelight313_168) and, on another platform, I’m watching the Finnish thriller series Sorjonen (a.k.a. Bordertown). :sunglasses: