What are ya'll watching


I just finished “Where the stars land” I really liked it, it had an interesting story line and was fun to watch. I don’t know what to watch now though… Any recommendations?



When you ask others to recommend dramas/movies is good to add what you like bc some suggestion are such a waste of time when is a theme/story type you don’t like (I’ve been through that). Also if Korean, Chinese or Japanese dramas are your favorites to watch or if u are like me, I watch everything as long as i like the story plot.

For example, I like action packed dramas, and if they are about romance it needs to have an essence; not the usual piggy back rides, drunken girl, Rich man poor girl. The girl is a pig but the guy is a clean freak I just hate those bc I got fed up of seeing so many in here like that. lol


I like pretty much everything. I watch everything from kdramas to cdramas. I like all genres, I am not very picky when it comes to them, I enjoy pretty much all dramas. All I require is a good story line, I lose interest in dramas that don’t have a plot. Thank you for asking!


Japanese I’m watching for second time; Sumika Sumire

Chinese; A version of FATED TO LOVE YOU that girl is lucky 2 gorgeous hunk.

YOU ARE MY DESTINY; I really like this version although my fave version was the Taiwanese.

KOREAN I just finished 365 repeat the year


Thank you for the recommendations! I can’t wait to watch them!


Hope you like them!


In case you need more suggestions:


I just finished it yesterday and it was somehow good but the main actress was annoying sometimes ^^’
The endig was epic and VERY OPEN! But the last two eps were just awesome I must say even tho the start was very slow.


The main character had mental problems so it was part of her character/role to be annoying.They had fillers episode that made the drama kind of slow (those kids taking over the rich ppl houses to vacation).

They already announced the second part/season coming; since she’s really opening the door to the +DEVIL+ and not the prophet like they think they are doing. Although they made this devil look like Jesus Christ, don’t you think?

PS. NINJA? I didn’t see no ninja in the title lol


I am watching you are my destiny, ok I am bad I compared this to fated to love you, and now I know I shouldn’t have, I do like this one written a bit better I think,

BUT silly me compared to what I mentioned, preference is the Korean one,
GUN, I guess he has been around a lot longer. but gotta say this, this drama you are my destiny, I really do like it, just something about it, all I can say. awesome actors & actresses. anyway, I believe y’all would like this one.

also have started the 365 ; repeat the year, I haven’t gotten in it far enough to say anything about it
Loved watching easy fortune happy life, was really a good one.

angelight, my mistake, no ninaj watched first eoisode today, was very good


lol You are my Destiny is a remake of Korean and Taiwanese Fated to love you. My favorite fated to love you was the Taiwanese version.

I will watch GUN

365 gets better in the middle all the way to the end.

I was like they do look like Ninjas but I didn’t see ninja in the title. You know they should have titled it. NINJA NUNS bc they do look like Ninjas hahahaha


I just finished Sumika Sumire. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


another one on my list. gotta finish You are my destiny, oh and btw. I see theres going to be a Japanese version, will be on here later. wonder about it/

and the funny thing, the last couple of episodes doesn; t have much of the subs, and I know what they are saying!!

so GUN had a part of me to know whats being said! heheehehe, yeh Gun is still my fave!


@angelight313_168 I just watched a movie you recommended:


Did you like it? Was it scary for you? It was for me very scary.


Finished NIF, so moving onto NIF2 :blush:


was this one(divine fury) any good? I want to watch it, but with the guy being angry at God, I do hesitate.


I am about finished with the first one, (Nirvana in fire) so was the second one good?


I don’t know :smile: I just started watching haha
Season 1 was so good though :smiley:


yeah it is, got a few episodes to go, then on to to the second one