What are ya'll watching


yes, me too!! Legend of the Blue Sea started out as one of the funniest shows ever, i don’t know why they had to turn it into an almost-melo towards the end :sob::sob: whyyyy, writers, WHY?!


and whats so bad there are so many awesome dramas be it K or C , awesome I do say, and lousy endings sure guess we could name them but whats the point, even my favorite above all of them is Healer, I won’t go into it, think I already did on another link. we get hyped up on these dramas than get kicked at the curb with lousy endings! If I wasn’t a frustrated writer, I’d try it, heheheheh not really.;


how about missin g the other side, sell your haunted house, yeah watching mystic bar again, anong with the other list I put on here.

that sell your haunted house is quite good, if anyone is interested. I understand theres supposed to be a second season of missing ,the other side? can’t wait if so. and finishing up Navillera, so close to crying!! also Vincenzo, what an edge-of-the-seat episode!! not to forget Taxi Driver too.


I just finished missing the other side ,second time, and that last episode is spooky!! I won’t go and spoil it, y’all gotta watch it is all

ok don’t know if anyone seen this on soombi(?) but

My Roommate Is Gumiho” Introduces Jang Ki Yong, Hyeri, Kang Han Na, And Other Characters Through Numbers In Fun Posters

May 26!! will it be on here thats the next question!!