What are ya'll watching


I came across one on NF today, some of us don’t like tear jerkers, I am one, BUT this one kinda struck close to home. when and if you watch it, you will understand, and for some that are younger than 50, may not be your cup of tea. Its called Navillera. relates to the older folk, their dreams and such. this guy wants to do Ballet at 70!!! see those kids fly up spread the legs and such, me I would fall flat on my face, I’d rather do “foxtrot” , note scent of a woman. .

I don’t want to say too much about it. but some of the older actors we have watched on other dramas is on here. I am only on episode 1, theres a young kid involved, now his coach says for him to teach him, oh what do we got? I hope y’all do watch, again the first episode was good, close to tears a couple of times, but it’s really good!

and as for scent of a woman, think I just might watch it again! my dream was to be a gymnast, or a ballerina, but the funds weren’t there when I was younger. “never give up”

a lot in this story


I liked track and field. Sprinter here! and jumper! (It’s part of why my knees are shot!) :smile:

Oh! I just wanna screetch in frustration! I’ve been waiting for 서복 - Seobok to either premier in theaters, show here or on Netflix! but NO! It’s going to premier in South Korea (of course) and on TVING! Which won’t let me watch from the US! AAGGHH! I’ve been waiting a LONG time for this one. Gong Yoo AND Park Bo Geum!

HA! It SAYS it is preparing for release overseas but WHERE! I WANNA SEE IT! (throws tantrum just like a bratty 2 year old) :rofl:

Ooo! This looks fun! “My roommate is a Gumiho.”

hmm…, This one streams exclusively on iQIYI… hmm. We’ll see if they let me watch it from the US. pouts


I so want to watch my room mate is a Gumiho! seems like here lately we have seen the male version of the 9 tailed fox. IK hope this will be a better ending than that other one I recently watched


I just finished watching Method which is listed as a BL but is actually a psychological thriller, it’s really good, the actors did an amazing job. There is a small segment where the characters ‘give in’ to their feelings but it’s not about that, it’s about the blurred lines, and the dark, psychological, tunnel that the movie takes.

Antique, which I watched recently is also listed as BL by Viki, but it just happens to have a gay character, I’m not sure why that makes it BL. shrug


I am going to try & watch this one, I have said before you can keep the zombies, give me vampires,witches, ghosts, even 9 tailed foxes. but these are soooo out of mind, and pun was meant

Josun exorist, I may have misspelled that one

. I have been wanting to watch Antique, and Method, I think I will check them out today, to be sure better than zombies !

also going to try mane watch Rattan the firsty episode, well hope it gets better is all I m saying


navillera on NF, this drama has really got me to thinking, what’s my purpose, what do I enjoy doing, stuff like that. Hey a 70 year old wants to do ballet! awesome! so what do you like doing, , its really a good one, and the last episode, the writers got this guy forgetting where he is! I didn’t describe it cause would give it away.

I hope they don’t let this get worse!! but this is still a good drama. yes Genealogy is mine…
… also watching Vincenzo another good one

and yes I do have another message above, but I added more to this one.

1,Jade dynasty
2Legend of lu xi
3. I will never let you go
4 the plough department
5 sleuth of ming dynasty
6 the blooms at ruiy Pavillion
7 just finished blessed girl, lousy ending
8 dance of the Pheonix
9 the long ballad
10 word of honor
11 song of the Pheonix
with our favorite drama being off for about 2 weeks thought I would rewatch some older onts
, Master sun
Healer, yeah love this one

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon looks like this is going to be taken off the end of the month

I call this “Lord Fox” it is called someting else
bride of the water God
Korean oddesy
oh my ghostness.
so I think that should do it till April 24.


You will love this drama different kind of theme for a change. CHECK it Out!


if its on here now, I will watch it!! taxi driver



YOU must see TAXI DRIVER here at Rviki. you gonna love. I’M looking forward to next episodes of taxi driver. but I

Hope you can also see this one too. Just finished watching a reallyyyyyyyyyy great movie.
Godzilla vs. Kong (won’t mention where so I don’t get in trouble here). lol


It won’t if you have a Viki Pass :smile: It just won’t be available for free.


ok I watched the two episodes, I am flat sold! wow!! angelight you are so right ! really got into it. and thanks for thje tip.


Anytime, you also helped me with dramas to watch.


I hope we can see it!! roommate is a gumhio


I have watched the following episodes, so close to tears, which isn’t funny!! I’ll not tell you anything about it this time, you just hafe to watch and see for yourself! oh gosh I really hope the ending will be he is soaring to an audience before it gets worse!!


@frustratedwriter, Navillera has become one of my favorite dramas. Watching it makes me feel like I am watching myself and my daughter. My daughter is a gifted dancer who had performed with local ballet company, then became an amazing contemporary and hip hop dancer. I used to watch her rehearsals and performances with wonder and envy.

It’s never too late to pursue your dream, and nothing is impossible. There are many adults’ ballet classes being offered and my daughter’s contemporary dance teacher used to offer free dance classes for Parkinson’s disease patients and they were even able to perform for an audience.

I love the message and story of friendship in Navillera. I get the feeling that we will see a satisfying ending.


yes your last sentence speaks volumes and yes never too late to get your dreams

!and yoiu caught it, I am watching me, will I get that way being forgetful, yes I almost burst into tears when they showed him just standing there and not knowing where he is

catch a falling star and put it in your pocket, never let it get away. that star is our dream. go for it, no matter what the dream is! now I need to find that song!!

yes it may be heart breaking, but I think that really needs to be said, be great to watch more like this.


Alot, lmao. I think I lost the count :joy: But currently One Page Love >u<


fyi Law school is on NF, quite good, for some of you it may be boring, but there’s a lot of twists in the story, they have fake court trials, then something happens close to home for them, I think its neat , and some of our older favorite actors too so my agenda is gonna be full for awhile SWat & sun Vincenzo, Monday & TuesNavillera, then Thurs & Law school.


watching taxi driver, oh these last two episodes were fantastic!!


ok everyone, I am goinmg to watch the bride of the watergod, and exculenties (?) first love, y;know lord fox. anyway watched at least 3 times, not sure if I will finish them this time, cause I remember the endings, which I erally didn’t like,

why in the world did the writers make such feeble endings , that other of legend of the blue sea , just wish for better endings is all, was going to putm ore whys, but thats enough, above all they were good dramas, revved the imagination up. so maybe I will finish. I an just :“killing time” till Vincenzo comes on is all, Saturday, come on already!!!

taxi driver is gettng good, Navillera got 2 more episodes on this, yeah I just want to see him reach his goal of his dancing.

I was thinking of watching Korean Oddesy but thats another ending wow. but the drama was really good. nitpicking, huh?? sorry about that!! y’all have a great day!!