What are you currently watching?


IKR?!! I just cannot understand why people choose to continue watching something that makes them vocalize their intense hatred for a show and spoil everybody else’s fun instead of just TURNING IT OFF. :roll_eyes: There was one extremely annoying troll on Fall in Love who just wouldn’t stop writing frustrating comments. I’ve left the TCs off for While You Were Sleeping because there is absolutely no use of turning them on for popular dramas


I never watch with tc on. :rofl:

It seems like the most annoying thing. A lot of shows ppl complain about turn out good for me.


I totally agree. If an age-gap drama is not your genre, then don’t watch it and don’t spoil others’ enjoyment or lead them to believe they are bad people for watching it. UGH! No matter what their age, if two people are happy with each other and have good communication between them, I say go for it! My sister married a man who was 35 years older than she was and they had a wonderful relationship! Don’t stereotype or pigeon-hole people simply because of their age.


Currently semi-binge-watching this C-drama; an easy watch. It’s been good even though pretty predictable. :wink: Good chemistry between FL and ML with a few interesting side romances between others in the drama. And for those who enjoy romantic angst, it has that too!


Yeah, exactly.

I mean, it’s totally valid if the relationship is problematic due to the character being underaged or if someone is abusing their power or something like that, but often that’s not the reason those people complain :woman_shrugging:


I also have started watching sword snow stride, Dr Qin of all people!! like the first two episodes so far
I have read a bunch of messages, and y’ know these people that complain for one reason or other, you are right, if you don’t like it turn iot off! I guess I could complain, buit why? and ruin someones love the show thing?
so this senior lady could fuss about ages or too much this and that, but I don’t/ I do enjoy what I do watch! if I complain what good is it?y’all just keep up the good work, huh!

🐿️ Squirrel! ʘ‿ʘ You Call It, We Watch It!



I don’t care whether they have a problem with age gaps or not. If that’s their opinion, great. If they come here to Discussions with that opinion, I don’t mind discussing it with them. I don’t like noona romances, and some of my opinions may not agree with noona romance lovers. But I don’t go around forcing myself to watch noona romances and then throwing hate at anything and everything in the TCs and spoiling everyone’s fun. Those who are watching chose to watch the drama and have decided to watch till the end or whatever. I simply choose to watch something else.

Even if you don’t like something in the drama, comment about it once or twice. If the relationship is problematic or toxic to you, comment about it, write a review, discuss it on Discussions, or talk about it on MDL and leave if it troubles you so much. Spamming the timed comments with hate till the end of the drama is just ANNOYING. It’s like having one person in the theater who screams and yells obscenities at the screen because they wanted to watch a comedy but the movie is a thriller, while everyone else is just trying to watch the movie they paid for and chose to watch.


I’m curious now :laughing:, although I don’t fall in either category :blush:.


Oh btw, I’m currently watching While You Were Sleeping, and I really love the way the subtitle team has explained even the small words I take for granted because I’m so used to the Korean language now. I learned all these words from another drama where another team did the same thing.

Thank you subbers! :heart_eyes::heart:


I started Snowdrop, I loved the first episodes. :star_struck:


Inspector Koo


I am a noona romance lover but it’s ok if people don’t like it. There are things we will like and not like. It’s normal. You have rational and don’t go around harassing people that watch noona romances. Whereas there’s always certain people that will comment hateful words even though they knew what the synopsis was.

I always thought it was weird when that happened. Most age gap dramas will point it out right away. There are some that I didn’t watch too, just because the plot may not appeal to me.


I love it, too. I started this and have watched the first two episodes. I love it a lot. Not so much for the cast (though they are superb), but the plot and the opportunity to look back in time, in that era.

However, with so much controversy swirling around it, I sincerely hope its “artistic license” is left untouched. I want to watch it till the end.:pray:


It was good, especially good to watch LYA in such a role. Kudos!:clap:
I love the ending scene of the last episode. :slight_smile:


We watch partied this for our Sunday Fun-day movie night!

This is so SWEET! I loved it!!!


finished watching white christmas, want to watch “some” of the holiday ones as well

sword snow stride
again going to watch some of the holiday ones on NF and amazon prime as well
not leaving out thew dramas , just gotta find some I would love to watch over this Christmas season


finished watching Christmas Chronicles on NF, was cute!


Kim Woo Bin
Kang Ha Neul

Who would not want to watch these cuties in their 20s. Hilarious MOVIE - @irishtigger and @my_happy_place we were rolling on the floor almost choking laughing at this coming of age story of three friends.

NC - 17
do not watch
Crude humor and bad language


Very important information for any prospective viewers, but it was still completely hilarious. It has one of the funniest fight scenes near the end.