What are you currently watching?


A Business Proposal was so cute, just the right amount of fluf so far, just what I needed. I don’t care if it’s cringe or corny. Everyone needs fluf from time to time. Can’t wait for monday.


This is the best Chinese Movie I’ve seen so far bc Jackie Chan mastery is in it. I simply love all his movies (especially the fantasy ones). I wish him health and many many more years of his wonderful creations in the movie realm.


We are going to do a WP but it might end up being just me and @irishtigger lol


I wanted to join!! actually, I was wondering when are we going to start our next watch party, just let me know! lol
I was thinking about Yummy cells, not sure if anyone is interested.


wow great movie. something different for a change.


Ok, this is the problem that I have when I’m watching just airing shows; that makes me watch another show in the middle of it.
I’m watching Military prosecutor Doberman and F4, both are great shows but, I have to wait a whole week lol

So, yesterday I started watching this:

It looks like a good one, I was just watching around, this wasn’t even on my list, but…

So far looks good, let’s wait.

BTW. He looks so handsome in this show

🐿️ Squirrel! ʘ‿ʘ You Call It, We Watch It!

an old one here

ok now this one and under the skin, the two guys remind me so much of each other, I know different guys. anyway these two dramas are good.

and just gotta watch this one, me old romantic heheheheh


I’ve been watching Sungkyunkwan Scandal off and on for the last few days and I do like it. Even though he’s more of a minor character, Song Joong-ki’s character is just so…I don’t know. Funny. That guy really has some talent (IMO) because he can play anything from a jokester to a bada** so convincingly. (It doesn’t hurt that he’s not hard on the eyes either, LOL). I do like pretty much anything Park Min Young is appearing in as well. At this point in the drama, only one of her classmates knows her true identity so it is bound to get interesting.


This one needs trigger warnings: Sicide, Mrder, Attempted R*pe

Just finished this… I kept seeing people mentioning it. I’ve been passing it over all these years. I don’t know why though when I’m actually a huge fan of time travel.

Not sure what I expected but before I watched this drama I finished this other time travel called, “Shining For One Thing” and that one was being compared to, Some Day or One Day, a lot. That’s why I decided to finally check this out.

I didn’t expect much because I was let down by SFOT already… but this was completely different. Even though both plots mainly centered around high school, SDorOD had adult life weaved into the story. There’s more depth in SDorOD which made the story meaningful. I don’t even know where to begin. The time lapse was confusing at first. I had to make a diagram of the years and who was who during what time period.

Overall, I think the love story of Li Zi Wei & Huang Yu Xuan is timeless. I feel like they could have made it one episode longer but that might defeat the purpose of making it a sentimental ending. This is up to par with Chicago Typewriter in terms of time travel made right.

Before I end my drama rambling/review, I’d like to say Chen Yun Ru was one selfish beep beep but I guess if she wasn’t, our leads would’ve never met otherwise.

9/10 I would re-watch again. p.s. The theme song is… amazing.


I started but decided to let it go, I couldn’t get with the quirks of the characters, 'err, :face_with_hand_over_mouth: or chess playing character logics. :smile:


Anyone currently watching this? I got up to 5. I haven’t developed an opinion on it yet since it’s still too early. I went down the rabbit hole of comments and people do not like this. The thing that bugs me is the synopsis on all sites do not match.

If anyone is caught up past ep. 10, please tell me your thoughts/comments on this show. Somehow, I trust discussion more than the review sections of rviki. :sweat_smile:


Ask @mas4


Two different dramas lol

There’s, Love Unexpected 2021 and Love Unexpected 2022

I’m curious about the 2022 drama. :joy:


Who would’ve thunk it. :joy: 2021, & 2022.


When I saw the name for this new drama, I thought it sounded familiar. Turns out it was. And they are both C-dramas, right? How do you turn out two different dramas with the same name in consecutive years? That’s not confusing at all. LOL


I haven’t started this one and the trailer didn’t convince me.


The Chinese titles are different and it’s not the same network. It’s not the first time this has happened. I admit it’s a bit annoying.


I watch BL dramas most of the time :

  • Semantic error (OMG love the chemistry, Park Seo Ham is so handsome :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:)
  • TharnType (the acting is not always great but it’s a cute drama)
  • Cherry blossoms after winter (the main character makes me want to cry :frowning: )

It’s my 3rd month on viki, can’t wait to watch more great dramas !


Had me confuse at first too. :smile:

I was like, “wait a minute… didn’t I watch this last year?” lol


Just started the Fox Fairy while I wait for new eps of other shows. 3/4 into the first ep, I came here to see if anyone else is watching this and whether it gets better… So far it’s not bad per se, but the pacing seems WAY OFF what I would expect. If it weren’t for the synopsis I would be completely confused by his miraculous healing, injuries, etc.

So far it reminds me a little bit of The General’s Lady and other young general with arranged wife sent to the battlefront cdramas, but it’s as though it started halfway in. Not sure whether I’ll stick with this one.