What are you currently watching?


Goodness, if it was a glitch, I shouldn’t have mentioned it! :speak_no_evil::joy:


At least over the weekend, people can still try their luck.

So need to get ready and start the washing machine, we have thunderstorm, heavy rain and hail warning again today, this time from 11am to 11 pm. Need to get some laundry done.


Ich kann es schauen, werde es auch bald tun und die Sache mit der Bezahlung betrifft wohl nur Nordamerika.


Du hast auch QC Status, es hängt wohl daran außer es ist wirklich ein Systemfehler.


Ach so, ich dachte, den hättest du auch.


Hab ich ja, aber jemand der nur den Standard Pass hat, kriegt folgendes “nicht in deiner Region”, deshalb denke ich einfach es ist vom QC abhängig, wenn man den nicht hat, kann man den Film nicht sehen.


I am going to rewatch hotel del luna, because I have found some of fav actors played in it, now gotta look and see & find them!


Sweet and Sour - The Movie

Geez- how many actors I have seen already are in this


thats why a fast forward button is important, sweet & sour sums it up for sure. gotta find out, cause I sure didn’t see them!


Is it good? I’m trying to decide if I should watch ir now…




Hahahaha ok I trust in you, so… i’m going with Move to heaven!


It was a WASTE of MY TIME - 2 hours almost GONE! HORRIBLE
The acting is fine the STORY is AWFUL


That’s bad, it sounds good :frowning:
I’m going to prepare some tissues for move to heaven hehe


Read the reviews - one person said they like cussed for 2 hours afterwards or something so funny!


Hahaha no I prefer yo watch another thing…


… just finished

Now I need something to let me get over it. I chose a drama with Kingone seemed not too exciting, we will see.


Watching “Wok of Love” after all of your enabling influences inspired me.

But nobody warned me that this was going to be another show where Junho-ssi goes through the episodes getting the @#$% beaten out of him. I know it’s fiction, I /know/ that, but it’s hard to watch this gorgeous man constantly getting roughed up and left for dead. My new idea for a drama is “Junho stands around looking sexy and cuddling with his kittens and no one gets hurt.” It has no plot, only cats.


so i married an anti fan and i am in love with the show


natya and don’t be judgemental, , taxi driver was awesome, and with the actor in “move to heaven” just a different side to him. I really hope you enjoy that drama!

I finished wok of love the second time around, still love it