What are you currently watching?


Whaaaaat wowww @choitrio gave me TWO pieces of good news in one moment!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

yayyy I’m currently watching it and LOVE the characters…so refreshing to see an innocent but smart and not annoying FL and an ML who is nice from the very beginning even though he’s an aloof character :heart_eyes:

this is the drama where I fell in love with himmm. So glad I didn’t have to have second lead syndrome, they were really wonderful with their sibling dynamics. The amount of ANXIETY this guy gave me, really…but I’d watch it all over again to see his ninja-style running around :star_struck:

Me too!! Is that Kwak Dong Yeon and Park Se Hwan I see??!! wahhh the whole world suddenly got two times interesting!


6/45 is going to be amazing. It is supposed to be a comedy with Go Kyung Pyo, Lee Yi Kyung, Kwak Dong Yeon and Park Se Hwan. What a lineup!


What a weird title lol

I love comedy as long as they keep it out of the bathroom :pray::pray::pray::pray:

They can be funny w/o resorting to vulgarity. Have any idea about the title?

@thanks for the article. We won’t get to see it until 2022 seems so far away and it sounds like is going to be good bc it will be very funny. The ML always makes me laugh bc he’s good in comedy parts.


6/45 refers to the mega-jackpot lottery. Here is a little more information about the movie.


Has anyone seen Until we meet again? If you have tell me what you thought of it. Thanks.:smiley:


but why pay 5.99 to watch it?? I am lucky to pay Viki for what I pay. so guess I will have to wait on this one

sell your haunted house,
scriptiping your destiny
madam holmes
suspicious partner
while you were sleeping
medical examiner Dr Qin
partners for justice
lawless lawyer

and finished wok of love, refreshing for me.


Really? You liked that train wreck? It’s true what they say, that there are all sorts of tastes in the world.
Where do I start… The ridiculous cliché storyline, the zero chemistry? The over-acting? The bumbling idiot character of the female lead? The way they dressed her like a clown? The wooden male lead? (and he’s one of my favourites, but here… NO!). The offensive type-casting of the secondary “comic relief” actors? The talentless and insipid second lead?
The only interesting part was the little side stories of the undateable clients, but those were soon pushed to the side in favour of the non-existent love story.
Even to the details:
The two white puppies who were always kept chained, on a super-short leash?
The ridiculing of a man and branding as distasteful and gross because he had hair on his armpits as all regular men do?
And that saccharine Hallmarks finale! It could have been done in the '90s or even earlier.
Ugh! I don’t want to remember that drama. I had to bear through it because I was on the team, but if I were only a viewer I would have dropped it like a hot potato from episode 4.


I thought the rental fee does not apply to Viki subscribers???


I think the “premium rentals” are a new thing. It’s offering to let me watch for US$5.99, and I’m a plus subscriber. Might depend on the market, though. My understanding is that right now in the US it’s not included with any streaming service, so I’d pay to rent it anywhere. The price seems a bit high for a rental, though–mostly I pay $3-5 on other services.


Agree that fee was way too high 2.99 was more than enough bc the movie painfully dragsssss, and at one point of the ending of the story… I was like; the k drama never ending story; Was that part in there really necessary? It could it have a better story plot towards the ending. The actors did an excellent JOB but the story was not all there and too many flaws/mistakes that were so obviously wrong, it hurts bc they ruined something that had a lot of potential.

PS. The writer/Director didn’t deserve an award. But all the actors deserved one for their hard work in that movie. To make a story work with so many flaws DON’T READ IF YOU HATE SPOILERS! like they should have left the granddaughter with her grandma that was left crippled by the stroke, and they left her all alone! That made no sense!


I know!! I try to have some from different countries or genres going.


I liked Love in time. I thought about watching Taxi Driver. The ones I like a lot I have in my binge worthy collection!


I have watched Medical Examiner Dr. Qin, Loved it! Lawless Lawyer, also a fave. I have not seen the other yet. I think Suspicious Partner will be my next


Nothing better than brooding lawyer Wookie! I loved him in Suspicious Partner


And I am finishing Mr. Queen and I love Love is Phantom - I actually like the Undateables too


Watched it a few months ago so I don’t remember all the details. Checked my notebook and I’ve given it a 3 out of 5 :sweat_smile:
I DO remember trying not to hate the FLs face…it just seemed very plastic and unreal. I usually never think of their faces, but this was too much. But I let it go.

I remember liking the premise of the drama. That two people who thought they knew all there was to love were suddenly questioning their views. There were a handful of scenes I really liked, and Choi Tae Joon was also entertaining (Though I’d rather watch Suspicious Partner to see him shine). So yeah, I wouldn’t call it a train wreck in my opinion, but something to watch, think a little and move on.


angelight thanks for the story, so don’t plan to watch it,


I can watch Minari with no problems.


Maybe this is only for the US and Canada? I’m also able to watch…it doesn’t even have the rental banner on it :thinking:

Currently watching Imperial Coroner…gonna add it to my ‘Nicest Superiors’ collection. I was so surprised that he was really nice to her from the very beginning even with his aloof personality.
@brickout I have LOADS of fun reading your TCs :joy::joy: especially the “Note to self: Amend will to include intricate escape room scavenger hunt for body at my funeral” :joy: People like you are the reason I keep watching stuff on Viki with the TCs on. I feel so alone watching on other sites!


Either it is QC related or a glitch - Viki Pass Standard owner are not able to watch at least in my region.