What are you currently watching?


I went back to Black Hole and is scary as h**l but it’s interesting how they have managed to keep the zombies trying to eat ppl. What’s ridiculous is to have a serial killer on the lose killing the little amount of ppl. trying to stay alive.


Just finished The Imperial Coroner…WHAT a show!!

The budget wasn’t as high as other high profile c-dramas, but really, the plot, directing, cast…AMAZIING. Director pays so much attention to detail. The characters are such refreshing personalities— a fearless female coroner who’s also innocent and sweet (LOVED the balance, it was so delicately perfect) and a royal ML who’s really nice to his all subordinates and extremely smart but doesn’t know how to fight. Such a healthy relationship. Loved the brothers’ relationship and all the friends.

If you’re looking for skinship, though…it’s a bit lacking. The plot was amazing, but I didn’t really have the brains and that much time to figure everything so I went skippity skip skip here and there…but all in all, wonderfully done.

I was thinking of watching Bossam: Steal The Fate next (suddenly started craving sageuks, I guess)…is anyone watching it??


I finished it yesterday and I just love it!!!


I’m not watching it but I’m in the sub team hehe, it looks pretty interesting…


@vivi_1485, I highly recommend Bossam.


I just finished composing MDL and I thought I haven’t watched much K-Dramas but the time I spent is totally beyond my expectations.

Currently watching - 0.4 Days
Completed - 22.6 Days
On-Hold - 2.7 Days
Dropped - 3.8 Days.

Damn, I almost spent 92 hours watching dramas that didn’t interest me.


Wasn’t he a great character? It managed to be an excellent drama even without any tsundere BS, which I’m so sick of. All five leads managed to be functional human beings without any petty jealousy or inability to talk out their problems like reasonable people. It was so refreshing! I would love to see more dramas where that’s the case. Prince An might be the least sexist male drama lead I’ve seen recently.

Honestly at this point I’ve watched enough dramas that when I see the conflicts dragged on because characters don’t talk and clear up simple misunderstandings, it just seems like lazy writing.

And I’m probably going to put my foot in it saying this, but among various Asian dramas, I feel like the mainland Chinese ones are sometimes the least sexist. Definitely not always! But Imperial Coroner seems like a great example. Even despite the limitations of historical drama I feel like there were multiple unique strong female leads who all had different ways of succeeding within the society. And the same with the male characters–they were comfortable being around women who were better at this or that (fighting, solving puzzles, etc) than they were. It just felt so delightfully emotionally healthy.



I couldn’t have said it better. How long is it since you watch dramas?


I guess I started in May 2020 and thought I might have watched around 10 or 15 dramas but this was mind blowing. I don’t even remember my first K-Drama :sweat_smile:


the statistics of my drama list, and it’s just growing!! :scream:




You so have me beat - but still I hv 41 days 5 hours and 17 min from July 2020 until now! That’s a lot of drama watching! hahahahahahah! I love MDL

1,103 eps
and 20 hours 10 movies - I still think I am missing some movies I have watched!

@shraddhasingh thanks for accepting my friend request :purple_heart:


ok everyone, I mentiones some months ago, I really didnt care for zombie dramas, and discovered zombi detective, and train to busan, I watched that due to favorite actors in it. but anyway, found another, I Zombie, on Netflix, and would you believe a girl doing autopsies, just watched first episode! oh my goodness, its going to be a good one(at least I think it is) she eats or nibbles on brains, then has the ability of seeing how the person died opr killed like I said first episode, then helps cop

also watching Dr John again


vivi, I am watching, bossam, its an ok drama, does drag a bit, one of our fave actors, havent seen in quite awhile, on 6th episode, still kinda good to me, and I really liked Imperial coroner


I LOVE that show!

She is so DARN CUTE! And I love Ravi


like I said first episode, I have to admit, I am hooked!!!

.what did that black fella play in &


The cop was in Breakout Kings & Bones


Well… That’s because… serial killers aren’t sane.

I’ve been watching a bunch of stuff.

HATE WAITING for the next episodes on these!
DOOM at your service
Please feel at ease Mr. Ling.

So, I am re-watching Descendants of the Sun.



What I meant with that sentence is: that the little ppl that have survived the zombies are getting killed by the serial killer, too. So they have zombies and a serial killer on the loose which is ridiculous since with the ‘‘zombies’’ was more than enough in this story, Oh I forgot the tentacle/octopus like monster that eats the ppl too.

I’m watching Kim’s Convenience Store it’s awesome.


Imperial Coroner shot me up to 51 days :speak_no_evil: