What are you currently watching?


Does MDL put your episodes in to the count as you add them or does it wait until you are finished with the series! Just wondering!


If I add the episodes as I finish watching them, it adds to the count episode by episode. I usually binge and then add the whole thing to my account, so it counts all the episodes at once.


Ok - I have been just adding them as I go because I have so many going at once! I am loving Must You Go? This is such a sweet little web drama!


Through you, I also met some other Vikians :wink:


I also started Kims convenient store too, just first episode, along with the Izombie cant spread myself out too this, still watching the dramas I am watching on Viki too.

that Imperial coroner was really awesome, also taxi driver, made in heaven, etc,etc etc


@angelight313_168, @frustratedwriter, I watched the first season of Kim’s Convenience Store with my kids and it was hilarious.

Last night, I started Forbidden Dream.


Kim’s convenience season 5 :smile:


I just start Use for my talent, I’m really enjoying it!!



Yes, I love Mr Kim series they are hilarious. Check out also [MAD ABOUT YOU] [MAD ABOUT EACH OTHER] You will laugh in every episode, sadly, they are very short so the joy doesn’t last too long since time flies when the drama is good lol

I will check [FORBIDDEN Dream] and I hope I like it bc I’ll have something else to watch bc lately I can’t find something I like Except [Doom] [Black Hole] [Taxi Driver finished/ Move to heaven too]. Sweet and Sour was a fiasco, and even American Movies are horrible.

I’m rewatching Na In Woo in [ River Where the moon Rises]


Forbidden Dream is a movie, so even if you don’t like it, you wouldn’t feel like you wasted too much time.:wink: I will check out Mad About you.


Thanks i’m watching it now I like it! i broke my strike and gave you a heart lol


I really like him in Mr. Queen how is River the Moon Rises? Did they get the re-shot beginning eps?




Excellent! - I will add it to my list
Worth it???


Depends on what you like, and I watched while the Ji Soo eps where still available, just for comparison. So I don’t know if the watch experience is now smoother.


I like Ji Soo - I was sad - But I do like Na In Woo in Mr. Queen so I guess it is worth a shot since I didn’t see the Ji Soo :sob: version


I had my troubles with his “stern look”, it seemed that in every scene of his I got to see that one expression … Okay, in most …

I saw him in River … and he was better there, but I liked how Ji Soo portrait the fools role and for me In Woo seemed more like a fool. I hope I could make the difference clear, but feel free not to be influenced by my watch experience, btw. I plan to rewatch, not now since it is still so fresh in my memory. Of course everyone has her/his own opinion.


Really, I didn’t want to watch it because of the actor switch. But now I think that I have to watch it!




I was watching something, so I wasn’t around here. I suggest you look into episode 1 with NIW and see if you’ll like watching the rest of the episodes, bc so far I like it, except that in order for him to play the ‘‘fool’’ he frowns his ‘‘forehead?’’ a bit too much for my taste. I feel Ji Soo just looked like a ‘‘fool’’ without too much effort lol. The story in whole is very exciting, and the girl actress has always played her roles with ease, and she’s a great young actress which has proven she can take any role. I hope you guys check it out at least, and take it from there.