What are you currently watching?


I’m watching My Dear Guardian and I like it.

It looks like You Are My Hero but it’s different.


I’m actually in the 7th episode of Use for my Talent and I just love it. I saw the Korean version (Clean with Passion for now), but I like this version more than the Korean one, let’s see!!
Since I’m just starting, I have to see if I like the rest of it…


Wow this looks interesting! I’m a total sucker for medical/military dramas :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: they’re my absolute favorite genre! I’ll wait till it ends, tho.



I liked him in break out Kings & bones, thanks for letting me know

and with me saying "not caring for the zombie stuff, I zombie is a good one, and I am rewatching zombie detective

and loved the imperial coroner too.

I want to start the forbidden dream as well.
got to finish sell your haunted house
and got to find my dear guardian, that sounds good


Jewel in the Palace is back at Viki for those of you who missed out on this classic sageuk.


Just finished this movie. Probably not everyone’s cup of tea, but I thought it was very good.


Oh wow! That’s NEW NEW NEW - Hardly any reviews!


It is slow moving but beautifully done. Apparently it won numerous (10 wins, 23 nominations) awards.


I will watch it - I loved Gong Yoo in A Man and A Woman and that is not everyone’s cup of tea either.


@frustratedwriter, look what’s coming to Viki!


WoW, REALLY? Still wondering whether to put it on my watchlist though :thinking:

I alwyas thought the last genre I’d watch for comfort was a chinese historical drama… but I end up sitting up all night watching them to relax from all the subbing and studying! Maybe it’s because I can’t find another ideal fluffy romcom, but I’m hopelessly falling down the cdrama sageuk rabbithole!
Started this one…it’s got a 9.5 rating so it should be good!


I can’t go down that rabbit hole. As it is, my eyes are already hurting from staring so much at the screen to watch, sub, and edit all the k-dramas. I had to order myself a pair of blue light blocking reading glasses from Amazon today, LOL.


It says not in my region …


Oh, that’s nice… I wear full-time glasses so I changed them to blue-light blocking ones at the start of 2020… don’t really know if they work though. I also lower my screen brightness.
Anyway, I shouldn’t be spending so much time staring at my screen :sweat_smile: Gotta wear that raincoat and go sploshing in the rain for a while!


yeaaaa! can’t wait! My Roommate is a Gumiho!!

awwwww I just looked, also not in my area


you stare too much at screen, look away a couple of times and blink, also do a time limit like for each hour set a time like a minute or two eyes away from screen thats what my doctor said, and yes lower screen brightness is a good thing, just got my blue-light block, I didn’t think I would like them but they do the job


Not available in my region!!!


I guess this channel still has some work pending and will be available in few days/weeks/months/years… who knows?

It still isn’t available for me either.


Yes, probably. I hope they make it available for my region soon.


@frustratedwriter, @lutra, @natyh, I think Viki is still working out the regional licensing. I am pretty sure it will become available later. That’s what happened to many other channels. Meanwhile, I guess it wouldn’t hurt to submit a request.:wink: