What are you currently watching?


Don’t remind me, my request for that function is still open, I can’t request a drama/movie at the moment.

About the licensing I don’t worry too much since, I only watch completed dramas … So, however long it takes, we will see.


Yes, I know. We are just waiting for it!! hehehe


Another movie recommendation.:blush:


ok this isn’t what I am watching, but just finished watching, hope thats ok, sell your haunted house, oh my goodness, was good, and detective zombie, my second time watching, better the second time around,

think this was asked before, any chance for season 2/ AND just waiting around for my roommate is a gumiho,

watching madam holmes, better the second time around, partners for justice as well,
I am still watching I zombie, kinda not liking it now,

also am watching young wallender, its good so far, but if I see one sex scene its out!


I have it in my list. Is it good?


I swear I’m addicted to this show and RENN


I want to wait for more episodes to start it!


@frustratedwriter, I heard that there will be a season 2 of Zombie Detective.:blush: @natyh, I really liked Be With You. Be warned, you will need a box of tissues.:cry:


Yes, To Be With You is a good watch, but it comes with a river of tears and a box of tissue.

I am so anxiously waiting for season 2 of Zombie Detective, but I read and an article that our hunk Choi might not be the ML. I just hope is false news.


Oh, I’ll be ready! hehe


Yeeeeeah Naty, that show is finally available and is open for CM applications.


Yes, and isn’t it wonderful there is someone with a crystal ball, who could already give a rating about the drama?


Why not? I’ve seen two episodes for free on iqiyi and the others on a sitewhichnamemustnotbementioned. And it is indeed nice.


It just started? It is still airing? I will stick to my opinion for ratings and reviews, you shouldn’t do it before it ended.


As an experiment, I did it once with Youth of May and I agree with you. @irmar you were also right I shouldn’t have written reviews as each episode came in. :pensive: You never know when it turns and becomes a train wreck. And then you feel guilty that you praised it so much. Also, I completely lost interest in the whole drama and had to force myself through to the end so I could give it a final rating and then run away screaming.
At the same time, I’d want reviews if I was going to start an on-going drama. I keep plaguing Bossam’s review page to see how the drama is going :thinking::sob:


These days I started this series and I can say that it is quite successful. It managed to capture my interest. I recommend it!


After watching a drama with a lot of drama, that was not expected. I just jumped into one that has expectedly a lot of drama to offer.
Until now I like the pace.


Currently watching this one(I’m on a historical drama frenzy :grimacing:) Somone on MDL recommended it… it’s got a pretty good 8.2 rating there and a 9.5 rating here.

The whole show is wack. It’s lighthearted and it’s hilarious.
I realized that sometimes you just have to shut off your brains and go along with whatever the writers come up with to enjoy some shows (Another example - Kiss Goblin). Go into the drama without trying to impose your ideals on the characters. Let them entertain you with their flawed, sometimes annoying personalities.
It’s really funny, sometimes with the characteristic cringe that somehow manages to show up. I laughed out loud, tried to choke out my screams of laughter and sometimes had to pause to fall on the floor. The drama itself refuses to take things seriously. There are quite a few kisses and I’m only on Episode 12. Great supporting cast, LOVED the General’s loyal wingmen :joy:

It can be frustrating to some people, so I’m not going to blindly recommend it. You have to be willing to forgive plot holes and skip around some irritating angst. Every time I get annoyed and almost quit, another funny scene draws me back… not to mention the PRETTY CLOTHES :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: I CANNOT GET ENOUGH OF THEMMM


One of my fav. It was such a great drama with a very great CP chemistry. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


That one’s on my list. Haha, good to hear that you enjoy it. I’ll watch it… somewhere this year :laughing:

I finished Law school. For a drama that started so strong, the ending was kinda meh. But don’t regret watching it. Will dive into a sageuk next, I think.