What are you currently watching?


Sounds kind of a disappointment for me hehe, I’m going to start a Chinese one, let’s see!


I don’t now why I keep watching this - the sound effects get on my nerves a bit - but the two actors are so ADORBS but it is taking forever for them to acknowledge a relationship and there are only 12 eps.


You like picking the Underdog!


It is almost painful waiting for this show it has been on hiatus for weeks! I still have 6 days left or I would be WATCHING it! Hurry up already


I do LOVE this show - All caught up!


I thought I was in your thread lol. I’m still watching I HEAR YOUR VOICE episode 14 already. I feel like I never watched this drama before bc it was 8 years ago. I checked LOVE IS PHANTOM halfway first episode I knew ''I couldn’t swallow the guy. I hate those types of roles in men.


Aw, he has become so sweet - but everyone likes different types! I like him and the series! My 1st Japanese Actor crush!

Do check out My Little Happiness I think you might like it


I watched the movie because EXO’s Chanyeol was the ML… I wasn’t able to finish it :grimacing: It wasn’t very good.

You didn’t read the book? I didn’t like the movies… Bella was wayyyy to weak and annoying in that one, with only one expression on her face.
The books were wayyyy better. The second book hardly had Edward in it and it almost drove me crazy reading about her and Jacob for hundreds of pages :sweat_smile::grimacing: I liked the Edward-Bella chemistry more. Jacob was way younger than Bella and acts like it, too. It felt like Bella treated him like a younger brother, too.

One more reason I liked the Bella-Edward pairing. I loved her interactions with Edward’s siblings, especially Alice. They all became one huge family and it was so cute. The wolf pack was also nice, but they were more like hotheaded adolescent boys than a family.


Actually, it happens with a lot of books. The only movie that I enjoyed as much as the book was Pride and Prejudice.


Ahh I haven’t watched that one :sweat_smile: In general, the books are always better. My friends and I would watch the movies just to make fun of them :joy: I found only two movie-series as good as the books and those were the Divergent Series and the Hunger Games. The Hunger Games, in particular, stuck PERFECTLY to the storyline. No deviations, only a few things deleted because of time constraints. It was like watching the characters come to life. I’d say both Divergent and the Hunger Games made me feel like I’m actually watching the book characters come alive and do their thing.


I just forgot that one, but I have to say that the Lord of the rings is pretty good too.


It was part of my early adolescent stage in life so I can’t reject the series :joy: I was totally in LOVE with the vampires and couldn’t get enough of the series. My friends and I would swoon and re-read and fangirl so much :sweat_smile: Of course, there were lots of Team Jacob girls and we’d argue like our lives were at stake.


Oh that’s bad, but yes, in that case the book was too way better than the movie.


Imitation, The Penthouse 3 and At a Distance, Spring is Green!



Found this gem. The scenery wow I miss those type of dramas

AM I HAPPY finally kingdom part 3 coming July 23,2021. See trailer. wish it was here too


Just finished forcing myself to complete this one:

I’m glad I watched the last episode. There was a cameo of the FL from that other mess of a drama, Love in Time, and I nearly died laughing because she’s introduced as the wife of the main couple’s butler. That actor was the same guy who acted as her boss in Love in Time. Guess she left Lu Boyan for that guy :rofl::rofl:


I watched this last night - light and not too hard to deal with thank goodness…

Now watching this hilarious not too serious Taiwanese drama - but the guy’s dimples!!!


falling into your smile. Anyone see this yet?


This is the one I watched, LOL, almost mixed it up.

Just watched

and now started