What are you currently watching?


How was Hello Mr. Gu? Is it worth watching? Isn’t it rated higher than PFAEML?


I don’t look at the ratings, so I don’t recall, if it is rated higher. There is pretty much fluff in it, doesn’t mean there is one point, which will never make sense to me and I always wonder why writers would use this kind of way for “suspense”, for me this point was plain annoying, but it had less screen time and only in the last episodes it was more present.
What am I talking about, when I mean “suspense” and using it the wrong way - details: The 2nd FL, who indeed has not as much time on screen like the actual couple. Once again making a clever woman into a brain-dead chicken out of love. She has worked for the ML for 4 years. Okay she fell in love with him at first side, but after all these times she is ruining a long term project of him, just so he will turn to her, looking for help getting the company back up. That just doesn’t make any sense at all. As she is not only risking the project, but the company, that is a huge flaw in the story, but well often used and doesn’t do the character any justice. It doesn’t help that the ML aka her boss, seems to trust her and turning a blind eye on her actions. As I said this is slowly coming up and bursting in the last 3 episodes, so something one should be able to handle in exchange for a happy end.

All in all it was an easy watch for me, and somehow I couldn’t be too mad at the ML for too long. I don’t know what it is, maybe you will find out. Hopefully no one will be throwing stones at me, when I say this actor is giving me some Lee Min Ho vibes …


Just finished this one:

It’s exactly what the summary says… a sweet, lying FL who fakes being pregnant with the general’s child to save her own life. And the general plays along so he won’t have to marry the women arranged for him. What I liked was that she comes clean about her lies in the first ten episodes, so we don’t have crazy separations and misunderstandings between the leads. It’s one of the best brainless-fluff historical cdramas I’ve watched in a while. The ML is ADORABLE, the way he looks at FL is so sweet!
Of course, it drags here and there and there are plot-holes, but overall pretty good with the happiest happy ending ever :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: we get to see lots and lots of babies and lots and lots of couples​:joy::joy: That cute emperor from Imperial Coroner is the ML’s Little Uncle.
Other plus points: THE ML’S FAMILY. I have never seen such a loving bunch of clowns as a noble family before. The parents are sensible, the dad is a jolly, smart guy. The mother accepts FL as her own daughter. The parents love each other, too. The brothers fight at first but end up having a very good family bond. Everyone gets the ending they deserve. The wingmen were WONDERFUL. Both leads’ comedic timing was on point.


Caught up with “My Roommate is a Gumiho,” so I’ve been watching “My Little Happiness” after seeing it recommended here. At the halfway point now, I feel like I pretty much know how it’s going to play out, but despite being predictable it’s still been fun to watch. Nothing too emotionally devastating or requiring too much close attention, which makes it good to have on while doing housework/cooking/laundry folding.

Just saw a Viki promo for “Be Together” and added it to my queue because it stars Zhang Bin Bin (aka to me, KO in Love O2O).

But now I’m getting distracted by all the ones mentioned above and having drama FOMO!


Yes, My Little Happiness is basically just a ball of fluff. It doesn’t take much thinking and has verrry little angst. I used to skip even kiss scenes when I wasn’t really in the mood because nothing much really happened once they got together.
If you just need a shot of happiness with no side effects, this is the drama to go to.


started this one:

I like the dance breaks, they’re funny :joy::joy: I’ve memorized almost the entire choreography after three episodes. I like the ML’s facial expressions, especially the way he raises his eyebrows all the time :sweat_smile:
But I’m dropping it. My tolerance for idiocy is pretty high, but this FL just went overboard being selfish. I really don’t like it when a FL just breaks all rank and respect with ML in authority just because he likes her and tolerates it. It was okay for a while, but then it got serious and I couldn’t enjoy it. The ML treats her like a friend at first but she treats him like an enemy even though there’s hardly any reason to, so he tries to cover his concern and liking for her by acting bossy and that just makes things worse. :neutral_face:


Just finished Doom.
Now watching At a Distance spring is green.
I want to watch falling into your smile. Has anyone seen it?


No, watching …

After it was mentioned by so many, and it is quite good so far.


Right now I’m watching “Falling Into Your Smile” as it is coming out. I can only do this with non-violent shows. Otherwise, I have to wait until they are all uploaded because I can’t stand all the cliff-hangers, with people under the ax or sword. UGH! So far, this show is as fun to watch as Go Go Squid and Love O2O were. I am loving it.


It’s on my radar, haven’t watched it yet. I saw it compared with Go Go Squid and King’s Avatar. I loved Go Go Squid but got bored with KA and never finished it, so I’m curious whether this will be good.

So far I’m enjoying “Be Together,” but they need to make the ML’s (Zhang Bin Bin as overbearing CEO)
character better soon. I do not find workplace harassment charming just because the harasser is attractive.


Go Go Squid was really good but right now I’m watching my princess , flower boy next door and My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho. Be together looks really interesting , I am definitely watching that next lol. And I have watched falling into your smile :star_struck:.


Just saw the YouTube trailer for Seobok. Clearly, the excitement of the movie comes from good actors playing characters facing extraordinary challenges. The story is OF COURSE not going to be as complicated as a 119-episode family drama, but the trailer I saw was very powerful and moving.

And I did not realize Park Bogum had it in him to be such an amazing actor.


I have always loved him - Since Encounter! He gives you ALL the feels!



Yes, Park Bo Gum exceeds all our expectation bc he did a fantastic job in this movie. Gong Yoo, is awesome too, and he happens to be one of my favorite male actor since 2012. The special effects in that movie are astounding and I really hope you get to see it soon.


I’m watching Falling Into Your Smile and loving it. I even enjoy watching it before it gets subtitles and I like finding out how much I can understand now without them. I’m learning a lot of phrases.


If you get the chance to watch Seobok, please do. Gong Yoo is so good as is Park Bo Gum. They made a great team. The ending is agonizingly sad though so have tissues handy.


Very excited to see that Monthly Magazine Home is now up with three episodes. It looks to be an interesting combo of the “whistleblower” drama (Banker last year was a great example of that) and the “rom-com” drama AND the “chaebol” drama.

The FL caught my attention in My Father is Strange, warmed my heart in Because This is My First Life, and had me constantly in tears in Fix You. She’s not just a pretty face. When it comes to acting, she is The. Real. Deal.

And as usual, subbers are getting it done like crazy!


started watching Ashes of Love… and the TCs have me in STITCHES :joy: everyone comparing everything to Barbie and Kung Fu Panda :joy: I really love other people’s senses of humour!

Also, the fantastical CGI is so wonderful! I’m used to terrible c-drama CGI so I never complain or care anymore, but this one’s CGI world is so fascinating! It’s so bright and pretty (well, Barbie-like but nevermind :joy:)


Oh, but I beg to differ! The CGI in Ice Fantasy was, I thought, exceptional. That was a riveting drama and led me in search of more Feng Shao Feng. I think he is an amazing actor.

Too, too bad that “the netizens” won’t leave him alone either.

As a Chinese citizen eager to have the world think well of the land that has shaped his heart and mind, he (and several other prominent actors and actresses) have borne a heavy burden of trying to get people to look with love at an ancient and beautiful culture. They have not emigrated to a less problematic environment. They love China, period.

But are their fans grateful? Never, apparently.

I feel so sorry for Feng Shao Feng and the other “spokespersons” for China. Whatever they do to show their homeland in a good light, there is ALWAYS someone eager to complain that “oh, you’re not doing it right!”


finishing re-watching maiden holmes, and dr cutie