What are you currently watching?


Can’t believe I passed this one by. Loving it although hate the rich guy/poor girl concept. I’m assuming I didn’t watched bc of that but I’m gonna binge this drama.


I loved the rich man poor woman, watched it twice, angelight, its a good one, where you would love to choke the guy!! enjoy!


Thanks @frustratedwriter. I’m already on episode 7 I even watched as I was cooking bc I like it a lot. I even served my son the food, and screamed to the top of my lungs come and get this! I’m taking a coffee break now.

I really like the cast in this drama [RMPW] and don’t recall seeing them again in other dramas recently.

Are u watching Devil Judge? It’s JI SUNG best role ever!

Anyway, there’s this other older actor in [DEVIL JUDGE] that is getting on my nerves bc I see him in almost every drama lately. I want him to stop already. He plays the same role in most dramas in LAW SCHOOL he ‘‘died’’ I bet he resurrected (I stopped watching) Then I was watching two dramas from while back; HE was there too. OMG he’s getting thin on me. Too much exposure kills the character especially him, since he has the same face and acting in all the dramas.

PS If you have PRIME watch THE TOMORROW WAR with Christ Pratt. It’s an amazing movie, and I truly would love to see a SK version of this drama. I know it could be a hit too. The creator is amazing creator of one of a kind movie. Beyond words.


ACK! I want to see that but I can’t find it in my area!



Just started watching The Devil Judge, first episode. Wow!


The ML is the leader of my favorite kpop band, EXO. He’s currently in the military, and his last acting stint was in a stage musical called “The Man Who Laughs” 2020.
He’s a lovely person, I love him so much as a leader and artist, so I was scared to watch anything he acts in :sweat_smile: I though RMPM would be another goofy, cliche drama, so I didn’t watch it.

The Min Tae Joo actor is in Defendant(Ji Sung is the ML) . The Min Tae Ra actress is in Suspicious Partner.


Wow he’s really good at this! I wonder how popular theater life is in SK. I would love to see him in a Beauty and The Beast play in Korean. His voice is so perfect for it. [RMPW] was a cute drama for me to watch.


I also wonder the same thing. Many kpop singers have done theatre musicals because they have good live vocals. Kpop singers also participate in military musicals while they’re in there.


Hey what would y’all say is the best show you watch, Im look for more shows to watch.


This is my own collection(there are cdramas and one TW drama but idk why the description refuses to update :roll_eyes:):

You could also check these threads out:

this one is older:

If you have specific preferences, you could list them here and all our drama veterans could recommend dramas they think fit your liking :smile:


Aaaand I caught up to the subtitling of “Truth or Dare” so it’s back to see the new episode of “Be Together.” And Be Together is pretty good so far, and a refreshing change in that a lot of the characters have been in past relationships rather than the typical leads who somehow made it to 30 without any passing romantic interest in anyone.

BUT one thing that is driving me nuts about it is the voice of one supporting actor - the celebrity (?) singer hospital patient who comes in with a broken leg. I think he might be dubbed over by a different voice actor and it sounds EXACTLY like the guy who dubbed over Yang Yang in “King’s Avatar.” I could not get past that in KA and I am getting irrationally angry at “Be Together” for having the same or a very similar sounding voice actor. I know I have mentioned this bizarre, niche pet peeve before. I don’t know why I care since I don’t even speak Chinese. But Yang Yang’s actual voice is hot and I’m still mad and this is reminding me of how mad I was and making me more mad. Thank you for coming to my ted talk, etc.


well, everyone has their own weird pet peeves :joy::joy: for me, I just CANNOT take the fake blush thing they do in some dramas or too much makeup on a character… also high-pitched, squeaky, cartoonish female character voices


Just finished Tomorrow war, what an awesome movie! and just started watchinbg Devil judge, Hope its going to be a good one!


vivi, I so asgree, those high pitched voices just not normal


Finished this little J-drama gem last night; Choosing Spouse by Lottery. I thought it might be kind of boring but it kept me watching episode after episode. The acting was very good and the topic was timely. Not your run-of-the-mill romance.


ooh it was on my watchlist because of the very different, weird plot it had :sweat_smile:


It was REALLY good! Tissue time in some portions. I’d watch again. I loved the way they wrapped things up in the last episode. I’m starting to get into J-dramas!


I just love it!!!


I kinda sorta wanna (@worthyromance is biting her lip) cry . . .


with this thread since not every drama mentioned here is currently available to those from whom the skies have withheld geographical and cultural coolness.

Pity me in my farmer’s market polyester ahjumma pants, scraping together my monthly subscription fee out of my coffee and chocolate money. Oh, the sorrow.

Should we technically be mentioning only what is currently up on Viki?