What are you currently watching?


What about imitation? is it good?


yeah it is great u should watch it if you are into cute romance , idol dramas


Actually, I watch a different kinds of dramas haha.
I was watching some clips and it looks so cute that I was thinking about watching it.


you should i assure you u won’t be disappointed


Sounds great!, I’ll watch it!


You have crush on all oppas you greedy girl you never give me one and you never give sig to @angelight313_168


He really looks so cool in this drama nd I like lawless lawyer too.


It’s really so so beautiful :heart::heart:


There is an kpop guy that sings SOPRANO (I don’t think is the joker guy here). I’m telling you, he brought me to tears with a romantic song he sang in a YT video. I was so shocked bc his voice is so ‘‘mousy’’ and when he sings soprano he’s a totally different person. I mean it could be this guy, but I can’t remember bc it was a long while back I saw this video. If you know by chance, share it here bc he deserves the attention.

PS He was in a contestant show at the time (no mask).


Bahahahahahahahahahahaha!!! All the Oppas!


(oh sorry off topic - I’m still watching Yoon Shi Yoon in “Your Honor” and Jang Ki Yong in Roommate is a Gumiho) and a couple many others


That park hyung sik’s gif is sooo :face_with_hand_over_mouth::face_with_hand_over_mouth::face_with_hand_over_mouth::face_with_hand_over_mouth: nothing.


Few weeks ago I started with The Penthouse Season 3:

and recently The Devil Judge:

Both of them are great dramas and really intense in their own way :wink:
I always wait for the new episodes, on air dramas are really a struggle lmao


I barely even notice the makeup! I’ve seen a frequent complaint lately that the ML will have too much lipstick, and I’m like…he’s got lipstick?

But I definitely do have pet peeves…it took me so long to get used to the mainland Chinese dubbing… I always think of that little girl who lip synched years ago in the Beijing Olympics ceremony, and the controversy that ensued… and now I look back on that and just see it as a cultural difference. Like it’s totally normal in Chinese TV that if you have one actor with the voice you want and another actor with the look you want, you just dub them over. And I can accept it, mostly, but I will die on the hill that Yang Yang is already perfect. :rofl:

Anyway, caught up on both dramas. It’s either go back to My Roommate is a Gumiho and catch up, watch Falling Into Your Smile, or watch the lecture for the online class I’m taking. Obviously I SHOULD watch the lecture. And obviously that’ll happen last.

I know it’s a cultural difference, but I am really struggling with some of the family members on both shows (Be Together - mostly the brother of a supporting character, Truth or Dare - mostly the ML’s parents). The idea of not being able to get away from your abusive or manipulative family members is so uncomfortable for me! I don’t have family dramas at all, but if my family members treated me like that, they would not be staying in my life! But I don’t think family members are cut off like that in China, and at least in the historical dramas they seem to be held responsible for the crimes of their elders.


Devil Judge. Keep getting interrupted by stuff. Have started Episode 1 three times in the past two days.

Amazing. The bus trope in full effect. The steely-eyed public servant trope in full effect. Great CGI. Crisp, focused subs that make sense. Strapped down for the duration. Going to be a super ride.


It’s definitely not the joker guy, he doesn’t have that range. Is he an EXO member?

The show isn’t King of the Masked Singer? I don’t know which show you could be talking about then… I hardly watch shows other than KOTMS.

Cultural differences or not, they’re taking it WAY too far with the father character in this drama. :roll_eyes: In the majority of real-world cases, (mostly Asian?) parents come across as being manipulative because I guess it’s the showing-emotions-makes-you-weak factor added to the the-world-is-gonna-be-hard-so-you-should-learn-when-you’re-young factor added to the fact that children don’t always understand the consequences of their actions or what’s right for them. If you can shut up and take it when you’re young, less things will bother you when you’re older and you can be a better leader/subordinate.


I can’t fault them, I often think about how my kids desperately need more tenacity and I have failed to instill it in them! Though I just flat out don’t believe in hitting kids (or adult children) so that aspect of many dramas is troubling to me. Re the Truth or Dare father, I assume we’ll get some sort of explanatory backstory but I almost don’t want to hear the excuses. FL’s dad is so great though! He’s not Conspicuously Hot Noodle Shop Dad from Go Ahead, but he’s up there in my list of favorite supportive awesome cdrama parents.


I don’t care what the backstory is, that father is taking it wayyyy too far. I doubt anyone has taken it this far. The whole hitting thing looks too far-fetched, and this is from a person who is used to parents hitting kids. It feels like the writers were just too lazy or wanted it to look comical and it DOESN’T.

Okay, this was one of Dramaland’s BEST dads evER. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I loved the ML in 18 Again too as a dad… that drama made me cry so muchhh watching everything through the eyes of a parent.


I have no idea if it was an EXO guy. I saw this many, many months ago. It was a show where regular ppl and professional singers, compete against each other; while singing/dancing, the audience voted for the winner. A lot of the regular housewife/ workers would win over the professional singers.


It’s ready and only English Subs but I’m off to watch it! So EXCITED!


I find myself in an unfamiliar place since I started watching Asian dramas a couple years ago - I have completed all the dramas I had in progress but nothing on my Watch list is currently piquing my interest. I have a bunch of shows that I would normally just re-watch at times like this, but even those do not sound appealing right now. This is why I just joined the discussion boards yesterday to see what everyone is talking about and to pass the time I would normally be spending on watching something. This is the type of thread that could be helpful in maybe introducing me to something new.