What are you currently watching?


This is a pretty normal phenomenon, you are in a so-called drama slump - it just happens, and normally it will pass in a bit. No worries, there are a lot of topics with recommendations as well, so scroll a bit through the information here which can be overwhelming at times, but you can also reach out and ask for help, if you are looking for something “special”.


Do you have a My Drama List??? It helps me keep stuff together and I can look at others lists!
What genre do you like - I have a few collections on VIKI that might help? Might not! I have only been watching a year but I compiled the collections with a lot of help from these guys and also with things I have watched!

Guys I’m am seriously love this show! I don’t know why is it Yoon Shi Yoon or the court cases or the short Eps! But I can’t stop watching it.


I guess I would say Rom-Com is my genre of choice, but I have favorites from just about any genre. I prefer, if not demand, a happy ending, and also minimal melodrama. If romance isn’t present in the story, I would probably pass, but that isn’t always a deal breaker either, depending on who the stars are. So that narrows it down for you, right? LOL

I believe I actually follow a couple of your collections already, but maybe under my previous username (Not sure if my old username gets replaced with my new one on any previous comments, etc.) I’m pretty sure I even commented about our mutual admiration for Junho in the comments section of one.


OHHHHHH - Hi my JUNHO buddy! I didn’t recognize you! Yes, My KISS collection is all romance and I have watched pretty much all of them. I looked your comment does show your new name.



I browsed that collection and believe it or not, with a couple exceptions, if the show is offered for free (I do not currently have a paid subscription), I have already watched it. It’s a pretty comprehensive list.


Welp - There is a supernatural list and a mystery/crime! Maybe try those! hahahahaha! :heart_eyes:


I watched [RAYA] if you have Disney + treat yourself to this wonderful movie.

Ntfx Korean Movie; [The 8th day]. Awesome! Scary

Rviki I’m watching


I had started ‘You Are My Spring’ on Ntfx but decided after the first episode that I need to wait until all or most of the episodes are out. I think I will like it, but it doesn’t seem like one I would enjoy waiting for each week.

I have also been watching ‘Racket Boys’ on Ntfx, which I am enjoying way more than I anticipated, but I am all caught up on the available episodes. Not too many left to go.

‘Scary’ is maybe one more genre that I am not really into. I don’t mind psychologic thriller or mysterious, but actual scary, not so much.

Here at Viki, I think I have settled on ‘A Girl Like Me’. I finished the first episode, and I think it will satisfy me.


I loved that show because if Yoo Shi Yoon’s AMAZING acting! If you liked him in this one, you’ll probably loVE him in Psychopath Diary! He’s such an adorable little “psychopath” that he’ll have you in stitches in no time! And his bromance with the villain is on a whole other level :joy:


I have just fallen in love with him! He’s great actor! This show just sucked me in.


I was already a fan of Yoon Shi Yoon’s acting before I watched ‘Your Honor’, so I started watching it without reading anything about it, and I have to admit that it took me more than an episode to realize he was playing both parts - that’s how good of an actor he is (or maybe how dense I am :joy: ); he totally had me fooled.


I usually need more romance - or a supernatural story - or something - but it’s HIM - he is the one that keeps me watching YOUR HONOR - I am just mesmerized by him.


Same. Have you watched ‘Train’ that he also stars in? It has a bit of a sci-fi element (or at least traveling between parallel universes). I liked it as well, but I don’t think I’ve ever watched anything of his that I didn’t like. He is so talented.


I am so worried about his relationship with the young lawyer he is mentoring as the FAKE judge. She is going to be so disappointed in him - she admires him so much - even though his brother is the one that took the bribe - their feelings for each other are just starting but he thinks he is undeserving of love - hope they get together soon - aw - I just want that bad mean CEO to get his comeuppance


That was the hardest part of that show for me to reconcile with, as well. The deceit runs deep, and I wasn’t sure how a person could forgive something like that. Not sure anyone would in real life, but it’s fiction, after all.


love designer, yes its good, and yes it drags but still a good watch, I just finished it,I was half way through and Viki took it off, but amazingly came back on, so I just finished it!


I just finished translation editing “Le Grand Chef”. Some parts of the movie are difficult to watch if you are an animal lover but the movie overall is very good. All the food looks delicious and the cooking skills are phenomenal. I also learned the history behind one of my favorite Korean dish, Yukgaejang (Spicy beef soup).


it drags on is a understatement SMH


ahhhhhhhh @kdrama2020ali made me suddenly feel a HUUUUUGEEEE craving for SWDBS :see_no_evil: I’m going to binge it this week for the fourth time!


Your description in the other thread made ME crave a re-watch. Unfortunately, it is no longer free content here, and I don’t currently have a subscription. :sob::sob::sob: