What are you currently watching?


ahhhh Viki Discussions, the place where addicted people make other already addicted people get more addicted and fall deeper down the loooong, fluffy, heartwarming rabbit hole called Dramaland :joy::joy:
I really do take my Pass for granted sometimes :sweat_smile: Hope you find a way to watch it sometime!


We are such enablers.

One of these days I’m just going to buy a hard copy of SWDBS because it keeps disappearing on me, and it has always been one of my top go-to’s when I can’t figure out what else to watch. :disappointed_relieved:


I’m constantly in a state of panic when I log on to Viki… hoping all my favorites are still available! :sweat_smile: I really want to buy some hard copies before they also get sold out :flushed:


Just finished my fourth rewatch of Strong Woman Do Bong Soon :sweat_smile: Sure, the drama comes with its own problems and boring scenes. But I really, REALLY loved the relationship. It’s one of the very few dramas where they show clearly that the FL is as much in love with ML as he is with her. They are sooo cute together! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I think the wedding scene at the end was the best I’ve ever seen in Dramaland.
I love the portrayal of the son-in-law/father-in-law dynamic, it was so sweet to see the dad give his approval and then hug him when he leaves his daughter at the altar with him :sob:




falling into your smile


I am watching Standing in the Time. It’s ok so far even though the FL is a hothead, but good-hearted. The ML is really a very good actor. Xing Zhao Lin. He is very expressive. I’ve seen him in other shows too.

This one has an ongoing story arc that is hilarious at times. Xing Zhao Lin is a literary writer whose work is obscure and difficult for the casual reader to understand. The ML fights with his editor all the time - the editor insists that the ML redo his work. The ML has a writer’s alias that is different from the usual name he uses. (Neither are his real names.) I think he’s hiding his real name (for unknown reasons - waiting for further episodes to find out why.)

In the meantime, The ML somehow got finagled into being a model, against his will. The modeling agent keeps making Xing Zhao Lin do things against his will, and he abandons their sets frequently and goes off to do whatever is on his mind. But he reluctantly comes back to the modeling agency because his writing career is not making any money, which he needs.

One day, the modeling agent insists that the ML pose with his book. Xing Zhao Lin has a fit and stomps off. He flat out refuses to link his writing alias with his modeling name. But… the agent managed to coerce him into taking the picture which he sullenly took.

LATER, he’s walking past a bus stop and we can see his model/author image on the marquee in the background. He later walks into a building and that image is plastered on a wall next to the door. He goes up an elevator and it is the main image in a large walk area. He finally goes and stands in front of it to examine it.

:rofl: :smirk: :rofl: :smile: :sunglasses: :joy: :rofl:

Is that not the most forlorn, sad face you’ve ever seen!?! He’s seeing this unwanted image of himself plastered all over Shanghai! :rofl: :smirk: :rofl: :rofl::rofl: It made my sides hurt from laughing so hard.

(Sorry for the image quality. I grabbed it off of my tv.)


I have that drama in my watch list. I have really enjoyed most of that actor’s work.

It’s a bit unbelievable that any modeling agency and/or advertiser would ever choose such an image to promote anything. I mean, would you go out and buy anything that is being advertised with that? :joy: But it’s funny that it is everywhere.


I recently finished ‘You Are My Destiny’. He is very good at portraying subtle emotions as well as outright terror and grief. He plays a rich guy who was abandoned by his long time love and got drunk and accidently got the FL pregnant. There are some parts in there where I thought his acting was very good.


You people are making me feel like this guy~

I think I have what I’ll watch all figured out and then someone suggests another drama. My watch list cannot hold all of them!! What a dilemma! :rofl::rofl:


I had started this drama a long while ago but stopped watching bc i felt it wasn’t for me, but for some odd reason went to check it out today and binged all through the end, and totally loved it.


I just found this while wandering around the Explore page… Jin Goo and the little girl from Flower of Evil!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:
I almost started crying just watching the trailer… the plot is so cool and the little girl is WONDERFUL in the role of a blind and deaf child! I’m going to be waiting every day for the license!


A MUST WATCH. Re-watching now. I love how this show has shown SK police force at it best. Wonderful that I can finally praise the cops in K’dramas.


:grinning: I love Xu Kai!

Hospital Playlist 2 - Still great. :heart_eyes:

I didn’t like the first episode but I kept watching and now I like the characters.


Good thing you mentioned that bc I barely finished episode 1 for MMH´. I{m going back to check and see if I continue.


I saw the movie in the Explore section, I like Jin Goo actor and want to watch this movie as well!


Started Encounter last night. Now on ep 5. Not bad so far. Park Bo Gum is such a cutie!


Junho is in that!!! I so need to watch it!:yellow_heart:


Not a FL that I care for. But I am in it for Park Bo Gum - He makes you feel the feels. I love Encounter for the Cuba cinematography. And I will re-watch just for him. What a wonderful actor he is!