What are you currently watching?


Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha is very enjoyable till now and still some unanswered questions that I hope they’ll get to very soon :smile:


Loving this one too. Looking forward to this weekend’s episodes.

I saw a preview for ‘You Raise Me Up’ and was fairly shocked by the subject matter and the innuendo between that and the drama’s title. It was certainly unexpected from a Kdrama. I’m still hoping good things, though, because it’s Yoon Shi Yoon after all. We’ll see.

I just finished watching this short drama. It was better than I expected, with little bite-sized morsels of cute and funny.


You’re right. Very similar. I love CLOY and still couldn’t get enough of it and the OTP. :heart_eyes:

Can’t wait to “cha cha cha” this weekend :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

But they are still available elsewhere. I think I will start watching it soon since it appears to be quite controversial to some here.

Why do you find it “weird”? No doubt there are several k-dramas that seem to try to push the envelope further. I hope this is done in a good way. I love YSY too :hugs:


Indeed. So many questions to be answered. I’m game to be dragged on by this OTP (and writer). So natural and so adorable. The little seaside town and its folks there are so refreshingly heartwarming.

For once, I did not mind the k-trope of “childhood encounter” hehe. :sunglasses::heart_eyes:


Shocked? I really have to start watching it ASAP. :sunglasses::face_with_raised_eyebrow:


What I found weird was my reaction, which was to be a bit repelled by the subject matter and some of the crassness… Normally I think of Kdramas as so chaste relative to what I’m used to!

Thinking about it some, I guess there are a few aspects of it that really bothered me. Mostly it has to do with the medical stuff. FL is a urologist who runs into her “first love” (they don’t really seem to have actually dated, but I’m not sure) at work. But she’s shown to be anatomy-shaming patients (!!!), and when ML is embarrassed to run into her she chases him down at his house. I don’t mind the ED plotline and I don’t mind some “running into someone in a very awkward place” humor, but all the doctors acting so unprofessionally is just really troubling to me. So far I think the FL and her ex are both terrible people who deserve each other. And I’m not one of those people who needs to “like” a character to enjoy the show, but when the humor falls flat and the main emotion is cringiness… I don’t know. I’d give it a few more episodes, though.


Finished watching



I just started this one last night. So far it’s pretty cute. Zhao LuSi is one of my favorites.

I’m curious about this one. I added it to my watch list. What do you think of it?


[Lover or Stranger]It’s really good you gonna like it. The guys are gorgeous. The only thing that is about amnesia. I’m on episode 11 after this I’ll take a break. Is 29 episodes long.

Prodigy Healer is too fake so it turned me off at one point but I go back to it don’t know why. I love fantasy, but this went a bit overboard for me. I’m gonna finish it but at a slower pace.


Thanks for the info. I can understand that for Prodigy Healer. It certainly seems like one of those where you just kind of have to accept it for what it is, as far as the fantasy part and the CGI (which isn’t great). I really like the period costumes, especially for the FL. The colors of the drama are so rich and appealing. I only got a few eps in, so we’ll see how it holds up for me over time.


I saw one show that had segged and subbed a person saying 'Meow" with a technical note that said, “Person meows like a cat” :rofl:


I guess they’re doing it for deaf people to watch without missing anything, then. :smile: If both the seggers and the subbers have agreed on keeping it, that must be the reason.



I knew it! The worse part is; that they made it so exactly the same, and I hate to see dramas that I’ve already saw before, even if it’s with different actors. To be honest with you, the pairing with the ML and FL does not sit well with me. I don’t see the chemistry there, and I find her too look much older than him, and mind you…I don’t care about age difference in the main leads. I finally see him as ML love story, but (imo), it should have been a younger girl. The FL is very pretty; I don’t take that away from her, but I can’t even picture them kissing and feeling the romance. I dropped it after I watched episode 1 and 2 that’s as far as I’ll go with this one.

Thanks for the info. I appreciate that very much bc I’ll stop breaking my head wondering where I saw those scenes before.


I am so in love with :100: Days My Prince I have practically binge watched it. I am on the last episodes. I have to say I like it WAY better than Mr. Queen (this is so surprising to me). D.O. is so good as the Crown Prince and as Won Deuk! This is going to go into one of my TOP Favs. I have rewatched scenes so many times!

Finished Color Rush, Where Your Eyes Linger and Pet at Dali Temple (although the ending was throw the laptop worthy)


WOW. Glad you liked it! If you liked it more than Mr Queen, then I won’t go around feeling guilty I dropped Mr Queen at the second episode :sweat_smile:
Have you watched MDBC too?


I would have to agree with that.


Bo Yummy! I started it - It is in a holding pattern - I need to finish Tale of Nokdu!
:100: Days is so good I’m parked sitting here watching it and can’t stop!!!


OK remind me NOT to READ MDL reviews! Lots of trash about my :100: Days! Seriously are people watching the same drama as me or just have really bad taste!!! No more reading MDL reviews! bad very bad.


I think MDL reviews/comments have an expiry date. They’re reliable as long as the drama is new. After that, don’t even bother reading them. 100 DMP was a good one, in my opinion. I rank it as my second-favorite sageuk after MDBC.

I started You Are My Glory because of the raving reviews… I love Dilraba and YangYang looks really handsome, now that he’s older and less porcelain-looking. It’s very visually pleasing, but right now, I feel like it’s another of those dramas… the ones I enjoy but just “forget” to continue watching.

I’m also watching the variety show “Going Seventeen” and it’s making me laugh a LOT


I find them to be awful whether on air or expired - I think the people reviewing like to give bad reviews or something! Everything from Nevertheless to Red Sky it makes me crazy!