What are you currently watching?


I can’t believe how much I’m enjoying it! They even snuck in a childhood-savior trope! :rofl::rofl:


Awww, that’s sweet. The bottom screenshot is so pretty and precious.


I saw one flaw in my :100: Days My Prince - D.O.zie Lovefest 2021

He promised her that he would replace the cherry blossom shoes with plum blossoms - when she was searching for his books - I thought the shoes were going to be there! That was a missed opportunity on the writer’s part. Dang and it could have been perfect.


I just finished watching a beautiful Korean movie called “A Melody to Remember”. I highly recommend it but make sure to have a box of tissues ready because it is a tearjerker. It will definitely go into my collection. @angelight313_168, @vivi_1485, @kdrama2020ali


Oh, it’s out? It’s at the top of my watchlist! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I LOVED the trailer, such a wonderful concept!


Be ready to cry. I loved it though.


I started Police University but found the beginning too “webtoon-y” and disjointed.

I get that a Korean show aimed at a Korean audience familiar with the way police are trained is not going to explain everything in detail. And too much detail in a comedy kills the comedy.

But I’m someone who wants to be able to connect with characters and understand the basic concept of a story pretty much right off the bat.

I got that with Psychopath Diary, and it is a very complicated drama. I also got that with Backstreet Rookie which is VERY webtoon-y.

I may go back to Police University after I finish my current K-drama short list. But I probably won’t go back in a hurry.


yeah, this one is made purely for the comedy. Some things make no sense. It’s like a fusion of a high school drama and a crime thriller where all the angst and professionalism has been pushed aside to make way for comedy. They’re all a bunch of crazy characters. Things are exaggerated. But I like the way it makes me laugh. I like how light and funny it is. I don’t really care about who the villain is. I just like the smooth back-and-forth dialogue and banter; I felt it was very well done. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea.

I’ve put the drama on hold, too. I think it’s more of a binge than a two-episodes-a-week drama, so I’ll wait till it finishes airing.

You might like He is Psychometric. That drama was pretty deep and complicated. And very, very interesting.


It kinda reminds me of “you are surrounded” I have to rewatch that to be sure I am right, but that police university does remind me of another drama, and the cartoonie thing they could have left that out!!

at the moment I am rewatching move to heaven, thinking of rewatching taxi as well,

and yeah I did like he is psychometric, ending I cried, think could have been a better ending though

a melody to remember, another on my list


I just started MDL thought that would be a good update, thanks for the warning then


Just started:

So far I love it, let’s see what they do with the end…


I watched that last weekend. I think you will be okay with the ending. :wink:


Send me a friend request in MDL!!!


Watched this ‘oldie’ last night, Ditto. It was released in 2000. It was sooooooo good! Definitely a tear-jerker so have the tissues handy. I don’t think it’s on Viki. I watched it on AC.



It is a DIFFERENT ending but I liked it!!! This show I watched after Splash Splash Love


you hav e the same name as here?


I do with a little added on to it but when you search friends do @kdrama2020ali and you will see me. I have Seo In Guk as Doom as my Avatar.


i will check it out


I’m going to watch here; and Yumi’s cell

On ntfx an awesome movie about Japanese mafia with Americans involved in the crime sting. title: KAREN.


I think Karen had a special interpertation too, I did start watching that but decided to watch police university

anyway, I am watching police University finished 8th episode, oh my goodness! what a drama, couple of times brought me to tears, and I don’t cry easily