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I’m loving this, too. :handshake:
And also loving Yumi’s Cells. :star_struck:
Both are about “cells” haha. :heart_eyes:



I’m already on Season 2!! :sweat_smile:
The ML is such a nice character. He’s a real hero. I cannot believe I’m sitting here swooning over a white blood cell caring for/playing with tiny platelets and lactobacilli :see_no_evil::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I love the way he secretly helps FL… he’s ADORABLE


Just finished this one

@choitrio it was so good!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: The child actors were phenomenal. I loved the music and the way they sang… the music soared!
The actors were very well cast. I love the ML’s youthful, young face contrasting with all the trauma he’s been through. I loved the FL’s warm, happy personality, and the way she chose to have such a sunny attitude in the midst of so much chaos. And the children. What can I say? I loved them all so much! :heart::heart:

And that one scene were the two boys “fought” by singing Danny Boy and Annie Laurie at the same time… WOW!! I get goosebumps every time I hear the children!


@vivi_1485, so glad you enjoyed the movie! Yes, the casting was brilliant and the singing was goosebump-worthy. I have seen the two main child actors in other shows and I thought they were good but in this movie, they were just phenomenal. They even did a wonderful job with the provincial speech. This might be a re-watch for me which is rare.

@angelight313_168, let me know what you think of “The Veil”. Unfortunately, I probably will not be helping out with it much.


Ok have you ever watched a drama and you can’t stop watching even though you should stop watching cuz really - you don’t know why you’re watching but you just can’t STOP

This You’re My Pet - I can’t stop watching it!



Just finished this movie tonight. It was very good! 2005 offering. Cinematography was extremely good! April Snow.



OMG! This was (and is) such a gem! I think it was the very first project I saw SYJ in and have never looked back since. She’s amazing! And each time I rewatch it, I seem to find new stuff to love about it and her. lol…:heart_eyes:

Wow! You’re fast. I’m way behind, still loving it!

IKR! Adorable. :+1:


I have rewatched another old movie, oh, even older from 2000, the last time I looked at the channel, there was no video, but now it is.

Had I only seen this movie name and not the picture, I wouldn’t have recognized it with the title - A Love Story.
I have always known it as - Il Mare, Hollywood made a re-make in 2006 The Lake House with Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock.

P.S. Now all my first K-movies are there except for A Moment to Remember and Mr. Daddy. I need some tissues for those two.


Darf ich bitte fragen, mit was für UT?


Englisch, warum? Gibt es ein Problem mit den deutschen UT? Es sollten welche da sein.


Ja, hätte gern was an das Team weitergegeben.


Von mir meinst du? Sorry, ich schaue eigentlich nur mit Englischen, aber falls ich von jemandem weiß der mit deutschen UT schaut, möchtest du Feedback?


Um welches Drama/Film geht es??


I started Yumi’s Cells :joy::space_invader: FM is so pretty, just the hairdo is somewhat unusual. I didn’t expect the cartoon aspects, but it’s funny and cute and interesting, when it comes to how our feelings develop or act, it actually gives food for the thought!
Yumi’s Cells.

I watched Homme Fatale with Junho… @kdrama2020ali well it’s an easy movie with funny and sad content.


Um A Love Story/Il Mare

Mir gefällt Yumi’s Cells übrigens auch unerwartet gut. Vor allem gefällt mir der ML hier erstaunlicherweise noch mehr als in anderen Rollen.


Haha, ja Minho sieht auch lustig oder reizend in Hwarang aus und mit langen Haaren. Minhos Haare in Yumi’s Cells sind etwas komisch :rofl:
Oder meinst du Ahn Bo Hyun?? Den kenn ich nicht so gut… er erinnert mich an den Scooby Doo Mann…
(Credit: screenrant)

Aber der Film “Love Story” hat deutsche Untertitel… oder schaust du in anderer Sprache??


Ahn Bo-hyun


Currently watching:
Chinese Drama -
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Korean Drama -
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Loving the veil so much bc I love dramas where I know they’ll be loaded with action packed scenes, and a great group of actors. The waiting part is what I have to deal with from now on…lol

I dropped Yumi’s cell, the cartoony part gets more attention than what I care to watch. I did so much skipping, and felt so bored that I know is not for me.

A melody to remember reminds me so much of [YSPTM] bc of the pain I feel while watcjhing it bc is about kids and I can’t see kids suffering (it kills me emotionally)

Hope you watch it if u have a chance. It’s really good. I just started episode 1 of {THE VEIL] waiting for episode 2 hopefully is subbed already…