What are you currently watching?


This was very good but I honestly liked the American version the best. I’m probably biased because that was the first version of this that I watched. Well, that and Sandra B. is one of my favorites! :wink:


Tissue time! I also watched this movie today. It was really good but so sad at the end. The poor FL had so many terrible things happen to her; meeting the ML was her bright spot in it all. ML is Park Jin-young, a member of BBU since he is 26. A Stray Goat from 2016.



it’s a movie, not a drama… but I wish it was a 16-hour drama!! I could listen to those kids sing forever :heart_eyes:
I found the variety show “We Kid” while I was watching clips of this movie on YT. Though it’s old, the kids’ voices and harmony is so amazing!!


Just finished:

I have to say that I didn’t enjoy it. I was waiting that things get better because I kind of like the story but I didn’t like it hahaha. It’s just that I have a problem and it has to be the worst show/movie ever to make me drop it, but I didn’t recommend it.

I enjoy this show, I love Chani hehe. I like the end!

Currently watching:

I love the season 1, let’s see


I finished the movie Twenty, that reminds me a bit of American Pie… with guys that girls rave about them on Viki :rofl:
and this funny comedy with Ra Mi Ran, FL, she never disappoints!!



[A Melody to Remember] has been very painful to watch from the beginning; so I have to take breaks to continue watching bc when it comes to kids, and seeing them suffer, I have very little tolerance, and I end up getting very depressed.

PS. I don’t know if I’ll be able to finish the movie.


I’ve finished Squid Game, started because of Lee Jung-jae and finished quickly bc it was really exciting. Interesting cast, btw., especially one cameo.

Now I want to continue Alice in Borderland, which I put away after ep 1. But there are also some on going series.


Yes, there’s quite a bit of sadness with the children’s hard lives, but it ends very beautifully. Have you reached the part where they sing together as a choir? They’re amazing.


I am not really watching what I want, but whatever comes my way …
Why? I do not really know.

I have just finished this one forgot to post it I think

Something nice, something ugly, like so often with a 45 ep C-drama, when more than half is through I get annoyed or tired and this one tired me out with all the fighting and revenge and … Well, the last ep broke my heart and yes and no, so it doesn’t have a perfect ending for everyone.


I put all my dramas on hold because I got too caught up watching the variety show Going Seventeen. I’ve been literally rolling in the floor laughing as tears stream down my face because I can’t handle how funny they are. I’m also taking notes because they have a lot of creative games.


I started this one a bit ago and just could not get into it. I couldn’t watch more than 10 minutes at a time before getting bored and wondering where the plot was going or even if there was a plot. So despite the fact that the cast is full of actors I really like, this one almost lost me. I persisted, though, just for those actors, and to my surprise, after clawing through the first 5 or 6 episodes bit by bit, I realized I was eventually binging more than one episode at a time. I still wouldn’t call it stellar, but at least the plot started to materialize, and I finally started to invest in the characters as their places within the story took shape. Given the number of eps, I feel like the potential for more drag exists, but for now I am finally enjoying it.


My thoughts exactly, but since I have so many others I want to watch … It is one that is in the back, far in the back … Well, one day …

For the time being, I watch this one. Took me 2 for some character 3 eps to get into it. Like it so far.


@angelight313_168, as I warned you, “A Melody to Remember” is heart wrenching, but beautiful movie. I was glad that the movie opened eyes of many about the war orphans. After the devastation of Japanese occupation and Korean War, Korea was left with many orphans. Many of these orphans ended up getting adopted by Americans. Shamefully, at one point, adoption was dubbed Korea’s number one export. In the late 80s, I used to work as a service representative/interpreter for Northwest Airlines and part of my job was to help HOLT adoption agency with immigration/customs clearance. Most of the adoptees were infants but there were a few rare toddlers or young kids who got emotionally attached to me while helping them through the immigration process and it was heart wrenching to part with them.


I might start this one soon! :heart:


Another good k-movie.


Ok Fellow Drama People - Help me! I’m in D.O. Drama sadness after :100: Days

Are any of these a good substitute that I
might like?

Crowned Clown
Moon Embracing the Sun
Queen 7 Days - isn’t that SAD
My Mister
Live Up to Your Name
The King In Love
My Sassy Girl

Any ideas to help me get out of my drama dulldrums?


Ohh! Just saw this! Park Seo Joon will be in Marvel Universe. He’s already left for the US. Details are still secret.


Met my quota of tearjerkers for the year.


The only ones I’ve watched out of that list are ‘Live Up to Your Name’ and ‘My Sassy Girl’. I liked both. They are very different from each other - the first is more serious, the second is more playful - but I’m not sure either will fill a void left by :100:.


He’s in England! Actually someone saw and met him and ate dinner near him! She was so excited but very private and didn’t really tweet out pictures - how cool would that be?