What are you currently watching?


I am going to continue watching is just that there are days I’m too emotionally sensitive, and can’t tolerate watching scenes like the ones I saw with the kids in the well, the beating of the father and no one helping out, although the kids begged and cried :cry:. I just got to that part so far, and I just left it at that part to be continued later on…


Don’t watch My Mister if you are looking for a lighthearted series. In one aspect, it showed the struggles that the young gal went through and how she was able to be a better person and have a better life but it also had many dark paths with the other characters.
Moon Embracing the Sun was good. As I recall, in the first or second episode they both fall into a pit and she convinces him to help her get out so she can get help. She doesn’t follow through and just leaves him there. Pretty funny stuff. (IMO).
Live Up to Your Name was also good. It’s about two medical practitioners, one an acupuncturist from far in the past and the other a conventional doctor from today. It did have a happy ending.
My Sassy Girl was okay. Not on par with 100 Days My Prince but it had some funny parts.
Geez, do I watch a lot of stuff or what???


That’s on my watch list. Sad, huh? :sob:


It was good but sad. It’s also a lot less wholesome than most things I’ve been watching.


How about this one!? I like the idea that he is a “faux” king and he is playing 2 parts like Yoonie did in Your Honor


Just finished:

Currently watching:


Just started watching and got sidetracked.



I have heard good things - I’m watching Falling for Innocence! At the moment.
My :100: depression is no joke…


If you haven’t watched them yet, here are the dramas I recommend:

  • 1% of Something
  • Radio Romance
  • Dear Fair Lady Kong Shim
  • Melo Is My Nature
  • Miss Hammurabi
  • My Princess
  • Beautiful Mind
  • Signal

Good luck with your drama sadness.


My :100: depression is no joke…

Your thoughts right before ep 16 of 100 Days:


Why not just re-watch once more, Wok of Love? A cure for any disease.


Smart Smart Smart! I should!


I have seen 1% actually 3 times

I have heard of Radio Romance
Beautiful Mind and Signal

I have not heard of the others!

I love my present :smile:


Miss Hammurabi stars MyungSoo! Just so you know. :wink:


Right now I am checking your MDL list on what drama you still missed out - more coming her in this comment:

Okay, deleted 1% I hate those multiple choices for titles, argh…

I have no clue if you would like this one, it no longer works for me so, it only has 4 eps.


What? Wait? You have not watched this one, there is Junho in it! Why?**

LOL I am ending it here …


You were on my MDL - I love that!!! Leave me a message sometime! Ok - here is my deal - I have not watched HEALER either or Just Between Lovers (cuz it is SAD) - I save my Wookie and my Junho cuz I have this issue with things ENDING - I’m weird I know! It’s like I don’t read the last book of a series because it keeps it opened ended - Ok stop laughing.


Thank you! A lot of those are in my collections - especially
Flower of Evil - Emergency Couple - Great Doctor - Because
This is My 1st Life - have been on my list a while


Yup, I also saw that you are stuck in the middle of Nokdu Flower, I remember that I watched either Nokdu Flower or 100 Days My Prince first, but I know I watch them in a row and I liked it.


I am watching Nokdu - I do love it! But D.O. depression is REAL - :100: Days I really loved it! :sob:do%20waving


Then fall in love with Ren Jialun. :sunglasses:

One and Only. It’s really good. Epic. drama. Full of court intrigue, murder, trust and betrayals, a young child prince forced to go out and never return and be the general to protect the kingdom (or lose his head) He survives and becomes a great protector - The Nanchen Prince, a love that is restricted in this life. Yea. Epic stuff and very well done. I’m on EP 20… 4 more to go.

Seeing how this is going… Angelight will probably hate it because it is not a fairy tale. :sob:

It’s only on iQiyi right now. I’ve requested it here.

Oh! And the piano music OST on the intro is beautiful! EP 1
I have my tv hooked up to my hubby’s surround sound system. Nice!


Ok I found it -

Falling for Innocence - I could binge watch this! The intrigue and betrayal that is going on!!! Yowsers!