What are you currently watching?


OMG, it looks like Junho’s “The Red Sleeve” will be on Viki! @kdrama2020ali


Yep it was looking for a channel manager - Does it have one???

He has been WORKING Tirelessly LONG hours like until 3 am on this!!!


@angelight313_168, although the first two episodes were pretty violent (19+ rated for first two episodes only), “The Veil” is off to a great start. I had planned on helping out only occasionally but I ended up subbing 80-90% of the first episode because there was an issue with many of the subbers who signed up to help couldn’t get access since the show is region-restricted and available only to Viki Pass Plus subscribers. Now that there’s a Viki staff helping with the subs and some more Kor-Eng subbers have been recruited, I will still help but not as much.


Just finished:

  • Check out the event. I really enjoyed it. Sometimes I feel kind of tired of some FL in Korean shows because they are so depending and needy, but I enjoyed the story.
  • The Ying-yang master. I really liked this movie and apparently, they fight better without shirts haha (I can’t complaint)





Currently watching:

  • My heroic husband, it’s good and kind of funny but for some reason, it’s taking me a lot of time to finish it!
  • Love in Black Hole. I enjoyed the first two episodes, it looks pretty good!


Looks really GOOD - tee hee hee


just finished watching taxi driver again, still think it was a good drama, trying to watch the veil, wow!

looks like I still have a lot to catch up on! I did watch ying yang master and the other two on NF, the black hole? hmmm didn’t see that one, I will check that out

think I am going to watch dr john again

got 2 months of catching up to do three times for wok of love is enough, b out as bad as healer, just cant get enough heheheheh

I think thats enough for now, talk to y’all later


It’s new, just the first two episodes are subbed.


ok I will check it out today

something caught my eye and thought I would share it, course didn’t know which place I should put this, but I really hope you watched it

ever watch the christmas quilt, think it was on hallmart. really a touching story


I’ve been watching a kinda goofy show on Several scenes had me laughing pretty good. :rofl:

It’s about an orphan woman and her adoptive dad who has lost his marbles. She fishes for a living and sells them in the market. She meets up with the new County Magistrate who is very suspicious of her - he seizes her fishing net as part of a fine catapulting her into poverty so she tries all kinds of shenanigans to make ends meet and the magistrate is right behind her. literally. :rofl:

Cry me a River of Stars


I am currently watching Lovers of the Red Sky


Aaaah! I’ll watch

when all episodes are in, and completely subbed. Welcome <( ̄︶ ̄)> to Discussions!

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So I feel like with most of you I am behind the times because I started watching in July 2020. I just hit the 50 day mark. Seems like I should have more than that! :laughing:





I’m so behind.





Don’t even get me started on this … :tropical_drink: I need one and if it is only in my memories.


I just started watching ‘Voice’, but after only half an episode the nausea is real from the lack of steadicam. Can anyone tell me if this continues throughout the drama? I am really into the story, but I just cannot watch it like that. If the unsteadiness/shakiness is standard, I unfortunately will have to miss out on this one.


Currently watching:

I enjoyed it a lot!


Kim Jae Wook - One of my FAVORITE Guys!

Thank you for “SHORT” it was so good.