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Lee Je Hoon is on my screen again! With a MULLET! :joy:
He’s playing some sort of trashy character but the moment he smiled I fell in love all over again :joy: Though I do detest the smoking he’s doing :expressionless: And he’s a real trash of a character. Oh, the pain of loving an actor and hating the character :weary:



Haha you won’t hate him for long :laughing:
I think he did a great job with the character


I’m on Episode 2 and I already like him :joy: He’s adorable, even though he’s fussing all the time. And his acting is wonderful, as always. The FL gets on my nerves a little with all the screaming, but I understand because it’s necessary to keep Hoonie in line right now :sweat_smile: But sometimes the way she keeps suspecting him annoys me, even though he totally deserves it. She’s so protective of the young ML that she forgets that being nosy has a limit. If she didn’t have plot armor she’d probably be dead by now.

I like the concept and the plot. Hoonie is one of @kdrama2020ali’s favorite “complete bad boys but softies deep down inside”.



That’s true, she’s very nosy… but knowing people like this in real life, they just want to protect their sibling / friend / child. They usually don’t go as far as the FL though.

Dramaland logic is also at play here, but I understood where she came from :blush:


Just finished this one last night and would really recommend watching it. Out of nowhere comes this ML who grew on me; Jung Kyung Ho. He’s one of my favorites now! His acting was great (and not too tough to look at either). :wink: Actually, (IMO) all the actors did a great job.
Thanks to @kdrama2020ali for enticing me with this gem.


I heard that a lot of people felt SLS… did you get it, too?


You get me so MUCH - I love stoic and squishy!!!



Um in FFI - 2ML is GORGOUES but you want to SMACK his FACE OFF - SMACK SMACK SMACK his ruthless terrible self - not redeemable - but he is handsome!

I’m so glad my subliminal “I love this drama” got you! And I love Jung Kyung Ho now too! LOVE his quirky sweet self.


oh dear, after Prince Who Turns into a Frog, I’d rather nOT watch another terrible ML! :rage::sob:


Just keep watching! That show is pretty good!
And he’s cute, sometimes I hate his stylist but I’m still in love!


But, I’m going to be like @kdrama2020ali and say that Hoonie is mine!!!


I think that everyone experience that!!! That show is just great!


NOT the ML he is AWESOME you will love his transformation - the 2ML is horrible but he is gorgeous! FFI you will like it! Give it a chance right @stardust2466_546


Finally started Personal taste hahaha


@natyh @vivi_1485
He has been posting some GREAT photos on Instagram - do you follow him?? Hoonie! :wink:

The mullet is worrisome!


I don’t care about his stylist… I want to know who decided to make him constantly smoke every time we see him! It’s annoying! Stop it! Why does everyone have to be addicted to either drinks or smoking?! I understand that he’s lived a terrible life because of his domestic situation, but kdramas used to be one place where smoking and knives were censored. :slightly_frowning_face:

But the emotional intensity of the drama is wonderful. Je Hoon’s grief and sadness is so palpable and raw. I love it so much! And WOW hearing him beat up bad guys is so satisfying! :joy: Especially the guy who was abusing his wife… I want to know what happened to those two in the end(like if the husband went to jail or something) but oh well. At least we saw him punch the lights out of him!


I thought we agreed to share!! :sob::sob:

Hope you like it. Personally, I didn’t enjoy it very much… I still can’t watch any dramas the SML is in, for some reason I feel icky whenever I see him :sob:
But the main plot is pretty good. LMH is a jerk, though.


Actually so many of our guys smoke! Lots of our GORGEOUS men in Korea smoke! I find it sexy but I know it is SO SO bad for you! IT might look sexy but it will mess up and age you fast! I wish they wouldn’t but lot of them have quit and pretend to do it.


Of course, I do!!! hahaha
Yes, I don’t know what are they thinking sometimes but I love him!!


I know!! But it’s something common in dramaland, they are always drinking and smoking :disappointed_relieved: