What are you currently watching?


His latest photos he has been posting a lot he must be doing a advertisement for Cartier I think! But the sweaters are AWESOME!

Do you follow SIGGIE he posted some gorgeous photos in White yesterday he looks YUMMY my DOOM


I know that lots of people smoke. But I feel like there’s a lot more smoking happening in dramas these days. I know it’s a habit a big chunk of the population has, but constantly showing it on screen might make more people pick up the habit!
I’ve heard so many kdrama fans who want to get drunk on soju already. It’s obviously rubbing off on people :expressionless:

And the casual sex scenes have also spiked. I went through a whole culture shock in Young Lady and Gentleman watching the second couple :flushed: I thought weekend dramas were more “traditional” but oh MY I was wrong! Innocent little Bong Gi from SWDBS oh dear my eyessssss


Just kidding! I can share! I just want to say that in my list of hotties he’s always on the top, but I can share hahaha
he’s cute enough to share with all of us

Let’s see, I read a lot of good comments so I decided that it’s time to watch it


He looks so good!

Yes, but I didn’t go into IG yesterday, I’ll look it


Look In Hottie Posse! I usually don’t post their IG but they are so gorgeous!


He was hot but I agree with kdrama2020ali. I just wanted to reach through the TV screen and smack him, especially in the last half of the series. He was just despicable and he played it so well. I mean, I like naughty but he was over the edge bad.



I am so excited to start this! I am CRAZY about Japanese Manga! And yet again this was adapted from a Manga!

And I get a Arrogant but Squishy inside ML!!! Love it! Can’t Wait!


Oh, this was adapted from manga? That explains why I keep feeling like the characters are manga come to life :sweat_smile: The Hot Cross Buns’ intonation and movements, especially, makes me constantly think he’s a drawing come to life, not a 100% human. I can see him as a drawing in my mind’s eye.


I posted one of the manga drawings in the Watch Party Thread.

Dr. Sweet Cheeks is my new name!


LOL he has unique cheeks and eats buns all the time… he’s basically ASKING to be made fun of :joy:


He actually looks an awful lot like the drawing you posted.


I just started this today. So far it’s really cute and funny.


Move to Heaven makes me cry so much :sob::sob: I have a very soft spot for juvenile delinquents. I feel so much grief for these boys and girls who have been abandoned and subject to all sorts of harsh situations, and this drama is another over which I’m weeping over their lives. We talk so much about the victims of rape and murder, but how much do we think of why those young criminals exist in the first place? I can’t hate these people, sitting in front of my laptop, with a roof over my head, meals that come like clockwork even though I don’t ask for them, and clothes that come for free. What have they seen, heard and experienced that shouldn’t ever be experienced by adults, let alone young children? How much have they been abused without knowing it themselves? What twisted role models did they have?


I often watch different historical movies. Recently checked new ones movies123 I think is the best tv shows and movie channel. My last watched drama was about life of Sir James Brooke, the British adventurer who became King of Sarawak in the 1840’s and embarked on a lifelong crusade to end piracy and head-hunting – only to face charges of murder and piracy himself. Really cool and new historical drama.


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You got derailed by Dr McHottie Buns :sob::laughing:with me!


Watching Hyena on NF. Dang! This one is really good if you like strong female leads. The FL and the ML are both lawyers, he at a large law firm and she as a self-employed lawyer. They have some history together from the past (dated-broke up) and they bicker constantly but deep down, you can tell they dig each other. I’ve seen 6 episodes so far.
Here’s the ML, Ju Ji-hoon. He belongs in the Hottie Posse if he isn’t there already. :slight_smile:


I actually like it more than I thought I would :blush:


This is the Sweetest Show and I love the couple!!! He’s Our Boy!!! I love the ML! Everyone wants this guy as a boyfriend!!!
Our 2nd GREAT find in the same week - 1st was- Incurable Case of Love - and Dr. McHottie Buns


Is that somewhere you can find on Viki (the statistic)? :laughing::rofl: