What are you currently watching?


I needed some Choi!


No, this is on Mydramalist. You keep track of all the dramas you watched by adding them to your list, and the website calculates the number of equivalent days you’ve been watching the drama :sweat_smile:
I’m only a two-year-old drama fan, so my stats are

Don’t even ASK what @lutra’s stats are :flushed: She’s not our sunbae for nothing… her days are in the 800s!



51 d 12 h 57 m


1,423 episodes, 97 shows

1 d 3 h 14 m


14 movies

You even got me beat - I am so behind!
1 and a few months year old drama fan!


I recently watched this movie base on a true story. The father found his son much later I think after 25 years… Sadly the son grew up with a different family, there goes the ties or bond…
I wasn’t aware that so many children in China are trafficked and sold… these children often do not have an ID and apparently cannot marry…


Currently watching a Japanese movie called “Perfect World”

It’s very pretty. I love how normal everything is. ML is honest and straightforward about his paraplegia. He’s hardworking and very cool. He just won’t let you pity him. Except for a romantic relationship, he never lets his paraplegia stop him from playing basketball or pursuing his career in architecture. I love his big smile and his adorable laughs. It’s very, very easy to fall in love with him.:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

FL is sweet, kind, and doesn’t really care about his condition. There’s no pretense in the way they interact with each other. I like the way she’s harsh on him when she needs to be and never ever treats him with pity from the very beginning.
This is a very tiny detail, but I also like the way she ASKS before touching/opening his things. I was absolutely shocked to see someone actually stop and ask PERMISSION before doing something! Wow!

I think this is going to be a good watch!




They look really sweet!


Finally hahaha:

  • My heroic husband, I enjoyed the first half of the show but it gets disappointing at some point and the end was completely different than you can imagine. They could do something better but…
  • Single & Ready to Mingle, it was funny and cute
  • The Dude in Me, a really funny movie, I love it
  • Fall In Love Like A Star, I liked this movie

Currently watching

  • Truth or dare, it’s good so far
  • Personal taste, I’m not into it really
  • Love in black hole (waiting for new eps)
  • Definitely not today (waiting for them to finish English subtitles, so far it’s good)


I started watching a drama called Stay by my side, not going to go into full details,but the guy acts so depressed and all, and he has good reason to, but goodness gracious gimme a break!!!


I think that I know the name, it looks kind of good, but I started looking for some videos and reviews and I prefer not to watch it.


I am going to give it a couple more episodes, and if it doesn’t grab my attention better, I will go elsewhere its called stand by me, yeah I know he does have a reason being like that, he needs help

the guardian, well y’qll my second time maybe 3rd time to watch, ok,ok scifi, like the “lord fox” my title ofd course, but they are entertaining to say the least


:thinking: It’s not for me I think


I have started watching a drama on NF called remember you, as I got into the first episode, oh man sounded soooo familiar, and this is Taiwanese,

The Korean one its I Remember You! with SEO in GUK and Jang Nara, not going to say too much, but this is an edge of your seat mystery, I think you will like it


Bawling multiple times in Eps 1 - but there is umbrellas and rain!!! and JUNHO!

And my :heart: hurts so bad!!!


@kdrama2020ali, a D.O. movie recommendation for you.


I am watching Just Between Lovers right now with @my_happy_place and crying my eyes out. This one I know I will CRY - I need Tissue! :sob:


Finally got @kdrama2020ali to watch this one by promising to be there to ‘hold her hand’ through it.


I was bawling my head off - I’m ready for more today!!! @my_happy_place


I am watching “Go Into Your Heart” into the 18 eps. I see that it has high ratings. However, so far to me it is just ok. Landy Li is a cute actress. I feel the show is too long there are 41 eps. total and the ml has now just kiss her other than the oops I fell and touch lips famous in these shows. All the references to the game Go are above me. I do not understand it at all. Doesn’t have that I don’t want to get up vibe because it so good. I am hoping now that since he has finally started showing her his emotions things will pick up. I planned to finish the show since others state the previous episodes were just establishing the characters stories. Give it a try you might like it many others do!


I just finished ‘The Good Detective’ on Ntflx. It was really good, but I have a love/hate relationship with this genre. I LOVE that the stories have so many twists and turns and keep you guessing about who the culprit is, especially when they are really well written, but I also hate the level of corruption that is often portrayed because it leaves a pit in my stomach to think that things like that actually occur in real life. The unfairness and injustice of it is really hard to swallow.

I would recommend the drama, though, if you are into that genre. It was excellent, and I learned a second season is in the works, so I’m looking forward to it.