What are you currently watching?


I found this funny romantic comedy, it’s a chick flick for rainy days :heartpulse:
@kdrama2020ali try this one out, this would be cute for Watch Party but it’s PG 15…
Gotta love Kim Rae Won"hottie"!!


Oh Cool I’ll look at it!!! :heart:


another one I got to watch?? just between lovers???


yes It was really good, at first I didn’t care much how it started, but I kept on and finished. yes was really good, a second season?? all right bring it on!!


Finally started:



post in the Nevertheless thread as you go - just had spoilers - I am not done yet! Song Kang makes me CRAZY! :wink:


Currently watching Yumi’s Cell Loving it currently. The cast and the story is awesome :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:


I am LOVING A Gentleman and a Young Lady. No wonder it has good ratings in Korea. It just feels so… comfortable :joy: The birth secrets and coincidences and convoluted plots and shocking revelations and other hidden secrets make me laugh so much and anticipate everything. I love predicting the next shocking revelation.

It’s a terrific soap :sweat_smile: It’s balanced very well. It’s just interesting enough to make me wait all week for it, but at the same time, I wouldn’t want to binge it in one sitting. There’s no overdrawn angst. Never thought I’d enjoy a weekend drama so much. There are things I don’t like but that’s only to be expected from dramas like this so I happily skip away and enjoy the juicy parts.


Currently watching:

So far it’s weird but good haha


Love and Redemption


so enjoy this. how they came together i cryed


The title makes me SO curious :joy::joy: I love my tropey CEO if he’s a decent human being(After several terrible experiences, I have learnt over time to add the “decent human being” clause :flushed:).

Edit: I just checked the drama and the “psycho” seems literal and not just figurative :grimacing::woozy_face: I’ll stick to Gentleman and Young Lady and then watch Hometown Cha3 after my exams get over. :sweat_smile: Hurrah for Gentleman and Young Lady! It achieved the highest ratings yet in its time slot(27.8%)! And another cheer for Hometown Cha3 that reached an all-time high of 11.8%! :partying_face::partying_face:


I’m watching that one too! Ep 6 appeared to only be 55% subbed though as some translation was there and some wasn’t so I’ll have to go back and rewatch that one sometime this week. Male lead is a HOTTIE!!


Oh… I was watching it without subs because I couldn’t wait and I understand almost everything, anyway :sweat_smile:

I learned about baby boxes from this drama :disappointed_relieved: I didn’t think they were actually real. I found out that they exist all over the world.


Sadly, I don’t know that much Korean yet. :wink:
Here in the U.S., we don’t have ‘baby boxes’ but a woman can leave her baby with hospital officials, etc. I remember seeing something on the show MASH (set in Korea) one time about surrendering a baby at a convent. They opened the door in the wall of the convent, put the baby inside, shut the door, and rang the bell to let the nuns know that a ‘deposit’ had been made. Obviously, it was all very anonymous.


Wikipedia says the US has about 74 baby hatches as of July 2021

Yes, the Korean article said that the pastor rubs off all fingerprints from the Baby Box so the parents are unidentifiable. And a bell goes off as soon as the hatch door is opened so that the pastor/counsellors can talk to the parents and try to convince them for some time. He said about 17 parents changed their minds.


Thanks for the research. There were so many cases of a parent killing/abandoning their unwanted newborn that officials started using this method. It has saved a lot of innocent children.


Exactly, I did a marathon yesterday but I have to say that it was good in the first episodes, kind of weird but good but it’s too much actually, I had the same feeling, I mean the title makes me curious but nahh haha


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So far I’m in love with them




Another bromance k-drama with Kim Seon Ho and Jo Jung Suk.