What are you currently watching?


Which show is that?

My country is very good show. I liked it.


It’s very sad when a new mom gives up her child. Usually they are teenaged girls or in an abusive relationship. A lot of teenagers somehow managed to hide their pregnancy and are afraid they will get beat up by their family once the child is born. Sometimes poverty is the reason but more likely it’s the first two reasons.


I am watching Dr Romantic season 2. Mainly for Ahn Hyo Seop. :sunglasses: It’s really good! Medical drama.


Loved both seasons 1 and 2.


Move to Heaven. Nice show, but not a very light watch because it revolves around death. Acting was top-notch, and you have to bear watching Je Hoonie being beaten up a LOT because he’s into the illegal boxing industry.

I loves S1 so much that I can’t get myself to watch S2. The main couple seems so much less mature and I don’t know if I can handle it. I also couldn’t stand the FL with her bad case of Entitled FL Syndrome… if you can’t stand the sight of blood and keep fainting in the OT, of COURSE someone is going to reprimand you! You’re a trainee surgeon! Her victim mindset drove me up the wall and I stopped watching after three or four eps.
The main leads in S1 had understandable problems. This FL’s problem and the way she was handling it just annoyed me.


I started watching Wookie in K2 with @kdrama2020ali today. Why, oh why must they film things that way? I hate that I have to cover my eyes during Wookie action scenes. Steadicam is our friend! I plan to power through for Wookie’s sake, nausea be D@&*ed.


Oh dear, I never thought about the way the scenes are filmed! The K2 is pretty good… some scenes were really epic. And it’s always fun to watch heroes beating up baddies :joy:

I really liked that ramyeon scene though :smile: The one where he’s watching her try to make ramyeon and yelling at her from behind the CCTV camera :joy: So ingeniously cute!


Especially if that hero happens to be Ji ChangWook!


I can sit in a trance all day watching Lee Joon Gi, Lee Je Hoon, or JCW beat up baddies :joy::joy: You have no idea how many times I’ve replayed some scenes! To have someone finally do what I feel like doing to some terribly annoying/evil characters is just so satisfying sometimes!


I stand here as a girl with vertigo in total understanding of why these scenes can be hard to watch but luckily so far my Wookie drool factor has not been bothered. He is BRILLIANT as an action star! So awesome! Love it! Sad he no longer does action.

Just Between Lovers is another @my_happy_place is watching with me! It will become one of my Top 5. Junho’s acting out of this sad capable squishy loving traumatized bad boy who eventually finds some light & peace - has me totally In LOVE. The cinematography is SO BRILLIANT also. Junho should get a bazillion applause and accolades for his portrayal of Kang Doo. A character who will live in my heart forever.:two_hearts:


I liked it too! Not a fan of how it ended though but they can’t all have happy endings, right? Mr. Sunshine ended kind of the same way.


Truly, it will be worth it if you can power through. This one does have a positive ending. This was the first Wookie series I watched and where I first fell in love with him. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I just started watching Shine or Go Mad last night mainly because it has one of my favorite actors as the ML - Jang Hyuk. I absolutely LOVE his laugh!! I also loved him in You Are My Destiny (also known as Fated to Love You) and My Country. So far, it’s been pretty good.
This guy:

(famous people)

Update: It was a good series but did not have what I would call a ‘standard happy ending’. The ending wasn’t sad but rather, more bittersweet. Yong-jun was his usual self with his raucous laughter.


The comments on MDL tell me it’s a throw-the-laptop ending… :flushed:


That’s not a first for his dramas, haha! I really like to watch Jang Hyuk, but I sometimes can’t end his dramas because I get too emotional. It happened at Slave Hunters (with Han Jung Soo, I cried a lot back then, the characters had to go through so much …), Robber - I don’t know how long it took for me to watch the last episode, but it needed some encouragement from someone else who watched it and years, at least 2, but that’s a guess could have been a bit shorter, but longer as well.


I do try to finish the shows I start but a couple - one I just got distracted by other shows but Rise of teh Phoenix’s I just could not stay with that show. I didn’t like the characters enough to stick with it and that was a backstabbing melodrama set back in 솓 ㅇ묜 조두 ㅣㅐㄴㄷㄱㄴ ㄹ (stupid keyboard goes on all by itself!) To continue!.. a backstabbing melodrama set back in is the days when you could get your head chopped off. :scream: :fearful: :innocent: I don’t know if I’ll ever finish that one. It was highly rated. I just could not like the characters for whatever reason. I may change my mind in a few years. I dunno.



I find Wookie to be so :fire: in K2 - I just can’t even!


I second that thought!


ohhhh this scene :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: I remember replaying it SOOOOO many times! He looked so amazing and the editing was so good!


This was so GOOD - So GOOD