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IT’s A SHAME we don’t have this jewel of a drama here at (YET) The scenery and the So very real acting; are the best work of such great cast of actors. I am enjoying every scenery and the different story plot. I love the FL and the ML.


Korea • 9.3 (32 ratings)

One of the three hallowed mountains of Korea, Mount Jiri has been attracting visitors to its majestic grounds long before the park surrou… More


Looking for a Channel Manager!

I’m so glad Happiness is coming to VIKI


well y’all you know how it is with tghe bad endings and all, so a cute drama comes around,

yeAaaa I did it. anyway don’t want to give anything away, this was a neat drama till the ending, you just watch it, you will really love it.


ok just finished this one,

the last episode will shock you, thomas looking at “you” in the camera, chilling but awesome! then the children at the very end, running into a vortex? I think

just wish there could have been another couple of episodes about the children. but this is a very good watch

next I am now watching

second time around, it was a good drama, so I am watching stuff for halloween

thinking of watching Devil punisher (NF)


horse doctor? I can watch it, oh maybe not available where you are?


No, it’s not available in Europe (at least, not the Netherlands)


oh ok… good to know


In honor of Bad Boys everywhere, I am currently watching this (older) gem. @kdrama2020ali mentioned that she likes them (bad boys) so I took that as my theme for the evening. LOL! It’s rated 8.1 but I am a cupcake when it comes to K-dramas and am not that critical. The writing is a little iffy in spots but the plot makes sense to the point that I was able to knock out 3 episodes. Bonus! It has a couple of HOTTIES! Kim Jae-wook from Coffee Prince (waffle guy) and Her Private Life and Kim Nam-gil from Live Up to Your Name currently on NF.


I love that you think about me to help you find a drama! And You know I love my Waffle Guy - Kim Jae Wook!!!


Lately, I’ve felt myself softening when it comes to k-dramas, especially weekend ones. I enjoy them so so much, and feel a weird, warm sense of comfort, that I’m willing to turn a blind eye at any annoying arcs or characters.


It’s available in Europe here.



So many weird things going on here at Some people say they can see a drama without paying to watch, but I have to pay if I want to see it (I’m in USA)

Now, JIRISAN for USA still at: ‘‘coming soon’’ Yet, you can watch in Europe? How many episodes are already available by you in Europe?

They are picking and choosing what and where viewers get to see certain dramas/movies. Thanks for letting me know.


It was only released today. Episode 1 has 94% Eng subs and episode 2 will be released tomorrow.


OMG! I went to check here and episode 1 is at 94% here too. Thanks a lot gonna watch it now.:heart_eyes::grin:


angelight, just did episode 1

now for the good,bad and whatever

some would say its boring, but I like it cause of the mystery & adventure AND some of our favorite actors are here!!

and if nothing else enjoy the scenery!! beautiful!! awesome!! and the waterfalls, breath taking

so if this is in Korea, really fantastic photoshots

now cant wait for next episode


I have really forgotten about this one, guess I need to put it on my list(bad boy)


I did finish and just like I said the fall in love with him these two so close to each other,


If you are not watching the Long Ballad! WHY - WAYO - WHY!!!

The chivalry is FIERCE!!!



ok on to this today! will let you know how I like it


Today was the drop date for ‘Jirisan’. I don’t know if they advertise the drop dates on Viki’s main page, but they often share that information on Viki’s Twitter account, if you happen to follow it. I check it every once in a while.