What are you currently watching?


Too late. I finished it up last night without your warning. P.S. I bawled through most of the last episode. What is it with C-drama writers??? Can’t they let their main characters just have a happy ending??? UGH!!! This is part of the reason I steer clear of most dramas from China. Well, that and they have so many stinkin’ episodes.


Just started watching Love Hard this morning on NF (before heading off to work). It is HILARIOUS!! I know I’m a little crazy anyway but I was actually laughing out loud at some of the shenanigans in the first twenty minutes of this movie.


You know that drama [BLOODY ROMANCE] was the ‘‘last straw that broke the camels back’’ thing for me. I swear there and then; that Chinese dramas and movies were non existent to me. As long as people continue to watch this sadistic, tragic ending stories, they will keep writing them, and it makes no sense whatsoever to allow them to continue their vicious cycle.
I’m done with Chinese dramas/movies or at least for the time being, I have no interest in
watching their stuff bc they are also so similar like Cinderella’s Boss? I have never felt so sick to see so much disgusting bad things happen to just one person (the FL) Although she wins at the end, the things she had to go through was nauseating.


The book/manhwa was worse. I read a little bit a while back when BR aired and it was painfully gross. I did watch the series as well but never finished it. I didn’t like the love square or whatever they had going on. The power struggle was also draggy and the whole plot was just a mess. The best thing about the series was the OSTs.

So, to answer the discussion Q:

You Are My Glory (Cdrama 10/10 would recommend)
Dali and Cocky Prince (Kdrama 10/10 would recommend)

I’ve got a whole long list but these two are def. my favs.


Was pissed with episode 1 but episode 2 is hinting is gonna be reallyyyyyyyyy good. Love, love Honey Lee ( that name sounds so weird).


These two are on my list - Just finished Long Ballad - All 49 Eps!!!
I have fallen in love with Chinese Drama! I don’t know I can’t stop watching it.

All Ones I Enjoyed!
Definitely Not Today
Gourmet in Tang Dynasty
Love Script
I’m Pet Dali Temple (ending was absolutely dumb but the series was ADORABLE)
My Fated Boy
Mysterious Love

I’m watching
Under the Power
Dating in the Kitchen


That is a funny drama with food :rofl: I loved it!


I LOVE Food DRAMAS! And the actress from Long Ballad is in it so double bonus!!!


I didn’t finish TLB (probably should because I did enjoy most of it)

Also need to finish MFB. It’s so cute! The ml also starred in Cute Programmer (but not as lead).

I am in the middle of rewatching Mysterious Love. It’s quite diff. from most cdramas currently. I just don’t like the transitions they do between past-present. I still love the otp though! They have amazing chemistry.

Surprisingly, I enjoyed Under The Power. I didn’t think I would but I finished it. :smile:


His Flirt Game is TOP NOTCH -
So is the guy in MFB - GREAT FLIRTS!!! I love that!
The long Ballad I am in love with the 2 ML couple - Hao Du had me at hello!


Yep, I love her too!! Did you watch Let’s Eat 1 :yum:

@kdrama2020ali there are season 1 to 3, season 3 is on viki but I haven’t watched it, but it’s probably funny too :wink:


The way they both look at their female leads… so dreamy. Makes me feel like I’m creeping on them like a third wheel. :rofl::rofl:


On my List
Isn’t there more than one of these??? I have a whole collection of food dramas! I need to make my way through them! Wok of Love - Junho is my Favorite!!! I love Yunho in I Order You._



Oh my gosh this is so cute

Dating in the Kitchen

(However a sous chef that does not know how to put out a fire in a kitchen - HELLO - nope)


also I did find one of my dramas that I was looking for

Detective novel criminal scholar Himura’s reasoning
this was quite good and discovered it has a season 2! this was from mydramalist.


Finally started Lost Romance, let’s see





I just finished ‘Into the Ring’. For people looking for strong FLs, this is one you should check out. She has her flaws and vulnerabilities, but she is one of those women who refuses to give up, no matter the circumstances. And the couple is really sweet and lovey dovey.


수상한그녀! (Soo-sang-han-koo-nyo) The English title is 'Miss Granny". That was a good movie! I really liked it! I recommend it! I watched it last night. And I LOVED the ending!!1 ( hehehehe No Spoilers!


I thought you and Ali wanted a break this week? :smile: