What are you currently watching?


thanks!! and called Miss granny, cool! I will be watching it then thanks!!


but the break was for watch parties hahaha
I never say that I’m not going to watch by myself


ok y’all going to ask you to help me find a drama, been looking all day and nothing! this is a drama of the joeson period,

this guy goes and investigates strange or mysterious stuff around the country, kinda like x files
an inspector from the palace or some where up there. from ghosts to a UFO to other stuff, monsters, unusual stuff, I also cant remember his partner. anyway. I am tired of looking, I wanna watch granny!! on Netflix. so if you find it just let me know, like I said going to watch granny

loved watching under the power, twice!! and he is going on to other dramas, which I have watched a couple, really good!! the girl too btw


This one?


Ok! We need to do a watch party on this show! It is SO DARNED CUTE!

It has umbrellas and waterfall showers for Ali :sunglasses:



awwww it’s on my watchlist because I’ve been receiving nothing but raving reviews from all of y’all here! :heart_eyes:


Sounds good, we should make sure it’s not a school night for Vivi. :slight_smile:


We can run it early on Saturday since the 7 pm ET time is reserved for Red Sky. I did put it on the spreadsheet so we don’t forget about it.

Give us a few days to finish fixing the timing. All the episodes have downloaded but we don’t have a go to work on anything after EP 2 yet.So I’ll work on one of my other projects in the meantime.


YES thats it!!! thanks, now to request it!! well it was good, and different, I just didn’t put the right info on mydramalist, looked for that most of the day yesterday! ok its been requested

and as for the “Granny” movie that was a good one!!


I’m watching:

-They Kiss Again (ep 19 of 20) (Easy to watch and cute and even though it’s the second season, they still entertain me)
-Descendants of the Sun (ep 12 of 16) (I’m watching this because of the high ratings and recommendations everywhere)
-Sword of Legends (ep 25 of 50) (Not my favorite Chinese show, I do want to know how it ends)
-Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha (I’ve just finished watching the 10th episode, the next episodes are not available yet) (I like it because it’s a small town, where everyone knows each other (the people are nosy, but they also care about each other) and it’s about daily stuff, but also about the history of the town and it’s characters and making choises for now and for your future)
-More Than Blue (ep 4 of 10) (I’ve started to watch this, because I thought I’ve seen one of the main actors somewhere before. It’s more melodramatic and heavy and the story unravels slowly, while you see the story from different point of views (different characters each with their own stories and how they are connected with each other). So far the show is good.)

I haven’t seen From Five to Nine yet, but it sounds like the show will be fun to watch!

On Viki:


I just finished Miracle in Cell No. 7 and… this is a REALLY unpopular opinion, but I didn’t like it very much. Too many things didn’t make sense to me, I’m RAGING about the guy who put the ML on death row, and I just can’t feel anything. The first three-fourth of the movie was funny, sad, and amazing. The last quarter kinda disappointed me.

This isn’t just because I don’t like sad endings. I keep wishing that the court trials could have at least been a little more compelling. No one seemed to even care or take into account the fact that the defendant was mentally impaired. The counter-arguments were way too strong. The bad guy could have at least faked everything in a more believable way. Defendant’s statement says he choked the victim but there are no signs of choking? Defendant can’t even pass a mental test but it’s so believable that he made a clear statement? Sure, corruption is rampant… but this is DEATH ROW we’re talking about! If the writers wanted ML to die in the end, they could have at least made the prosecutor arguments more compelling and believable. The trial is obviously very worthy of media coverage. You can’t just kill someone off like that! It felt very stupid and forced. I’m just angry now.


It’s a love story,I’ll stay away!


I didn’t realize how much I love Taiwanese dramas. I miss the good ones so I’m re-watching this one. Some hot scenes included.The ML is very ‘‘ATTRACTIVE’’ and very Macho man although, he’s not what many would consider ‘‘good looking.’’

Currently on episode 12

Currently on episode 6 bc I did skip a lot on this one, but I’m re-watching and watching skipped parts.


I’m in!
We can do it early on Saturday or our classic Sunday hehe. Just count on me!


In real life, it was life imprisonment. The movie was based on this story:

Unfortunately, what happened in the movie happened to an American:



If I put this article on it would be a spoiler, so y’all have to look it up. really sounds neat though

KBS’s Upcoming Historical Drama Releases First Stills Of Yoo Seung Ho As An Elite Inspector

wonder if this will be like “the secret investigation record,” and that new one secret royal inspector, liked the first episode!!!
Set in the period of the [spoiler]strongest prohibition laws in Joseon history, it stars [Yoo Seung Ho]pi_link&utm_content=kbss-upcoming-historical-drama-releases-first-stills-of-yoo-seung-ho-as-an-elite-inspector&

check KBS


fyi drunken to ;love you , not all episodes are here, I discovered it , on Netflix has them all, not just 18, this is a cute drama


just started 5-9(?) today, first episode was nice


Really? Why?


The real Korean man was not sentenced to death. Before executing someone, there has to be at least SOME hardcore evidence. In the movie, there was next to NO evidence that he did it, except for that one scene where they take him to the crime scene. And they didn’t even let him complete his actions! It also doesn’t mention anywhere that he was mentally impaired.

The American case is very unfortunate, but the case is from 1939. The movie is based on the Korean man, so it’s around the 70’s. And SK is sooooo capital-punishment shy, it’s pretty hard to believe they executed someone like that on next to no concrete evidence except a false confession. I’m still not very happy with the movie.