What are you currently watching?


Was watching this short one - It’s like Shanai Marriage Honey’s slightly more realistic, way more innocent sibling :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
The FL is really, really cute… I love her smile. The drama may not be everyone’s cup of tea… the FL is introverted, borderline anti-social, and a NEET(Not in Education, Employment, or Training). Some may perceive her as weak, but I like her character. She slowly opens up to everybody around her. No one pushes her around, her in-laws like her, and she doesn’t get played like a doormat ever. She also doesn’t back off when the ML’s ex shows up. So yeah, I wouldn’t say she’s a weak FL. But she may bother/trigger some viewers.
ML is very job-oriented at first, then changes slowly. He’s awkward and it’s really cute to see exactly why the two fit together… because they’re both awkward in different ways. Light and very fluffy show.


I don’t really like love stories,
I love thriller and horror stuff more than them,
I rarely watch love story based dramas
And I watch comedy too.


Well, It’s not a thriller. It is a rom/com and very cute. But I understand. I think what I liked was that it was delightfully Japanese :laughing: (I must be homesick :laughing: ) The ML was Sooooo old-fashioned and the FL was kind of a flighty modern girl. It was kind of a culture clash between modern and old. :grin: I just enjoyed watching the ML for some reason. Like watching Toshiro Mifune in one of his movies but the ML in this show was not gruff. He was just very reserved. :laughing: :rofl:

I rarely watch scary horror - I had to watch Train to Busan :scream: in daylight then a whole bunch of comedies afterward. :sunglasses: I do watch the occasional thriller. I don’t like torture and dark evil stuff and I don’t like shows that force people into horrible decisions. Divine Fury scared the bejeesus outta me! YIKES! Woo Do Hwan was so AAAAGGGHHHH!!! Man! I was making the sign of the cross at him and I haven’t been to mass in 50 years! :grin::laughing::rofl: So, yea, I don’t watch too many of those kinds of shows.

But I will watch swashbucklers and sword fighters any day. Errol Flynn to Seven Samurai. So go figure. But that is a clean death, not torture. well except it does hurt during the recovery time… so… hmmm. I am not consistent. :laughing:


Currently watching a really cute, creatively weird drama called Overprotected Kahoko (I seem to be in a j-drama phase lol)

For the first time in my entire young life, I’m seeing FL’s father beg ML to date FL :joy::joy:

Trigger warning: The FL’s mom is from HELL. The whole plot is based on a woman who grows up so overprotected that she has absolutely NO idea about the real world. So naturally, the mom is a suffocating person.


I watched this drama, it’s quite cute :slight_smile: . And I don’t think the mother is all that bad, maybe more so in the beginning. The Japanese name is Kahogo no Kahako, that seems like a funny title and might be the reason for the name of the FL.


porkypine, the Japanese drama 5-9 was quite refreshing!


I did my research, found it on youtube, course I had to watch it, the voices in itself was so hilarious!!!
Secret Investigation record
so hopefully Viki will get it on here.

also Hospital ship too, but the voices were normal. thats the first time I have watched any K,C,T,J dramas on Youtube! now I know where to look when desperate… hehehehehehe. and again Lutra thank you for that


Any very very very short Chinese drama recommendations?


I started a new historical cdrama Marvelous Women, it gives me the feel of Min Lang and another drama, can’t remember the name right now… this will go in my collection “Women’s Power”. - It’s funny, in some areas then women were recognized and respected and in different situations degraded… nothing much has changed today, sadly, it will probably never will…


Did you watch this movie?


No, not yet.


It’s a thriller, I really enjoyed it! Hope you like it!


Will watch it definitely!


Have you seen this? It’s not super short (24ep) but it is thriller/mystery/psychological with a small dash of romance.


Thanks I will watch it later.


One of the shows I am watching is:

This is my second time. It feels like the first though, since it’s been a while since I’ve seen it.

I think Bogum is my fav. Co-star of YooJung so far.


This is so FUNNY and Good I can’t even!!!




You were asking me earlier - here are some of my collections of mystery/crime and supernatural -
I didn’t realize you didn’t watch much rom com or love stories - those are what I gave you for Chinese but look at these and see if they help!!!

Definitely Not Today - You will like it - not really a romance


5-9 I finished it in a few hours, I have to admit, I got hooked, this one was so refreshing, cute, no murders, no resentment, no revenge! just a cute “clean” drama, yeah a tear-jerker as well, but a good tear-jerker.

what a difference! now if more was like this…

I didn’t think I would like Definitely not today, so another on my list, I have wanted to start the dating in the kitchen, a haven’t got around to it , so another on my list.

Love me if you dare is an edge of the seat drama, loved it, well looks like I again need to re-watch it! oh and the ending , nope can’t tell you, you gotta watch to see.

Marvelous woman, I do have on my list, just havent started it yet

padmalayag, I really think you need to give 5-9 a look, I really think you will enjoy this one.

If y’all like those murder mysteries, I am included, watch Gap Dong, signal, diary of a murder(I think that title is right) the frog boys, and as far as I have read about these murders, they havent been solved , but the story in these dramas awesome!!


Just finished this one -

I thought it would be a light watch, but I ended up shaking with tears rolling down my cheeks… I haven’t cried like this for this reason since I watched 18 Again in January. It’s a heartwarming family show, tackling some very thoughtful issues. Since the mother sort of triggers something inside me due to my own experiences, I wish she was made to understand the folly of her ways in a harsher way, but others may not be as bothered as I was. I also disliked the way in which the dad’s struggles were shown in a comedic light, while the mother’s struggles were completely serious. It’s a women-centered drama, so those who enjoy the genre will love all the relationships portrayed of mothers and daughters and sisters.

It’s a creative coming-of-age story of a woman who has been sheltered all her life. You watch her slowly grown from a girl to a woman and it’s an interesting journey.