What are you currently watching?


I know many of you have already watched this one but I am, for the most part, thoroughly enjoying it. Kim Woo Bin really flexes his acting chops and Bea Suzy perfects her whiney character. The mother of the SML is a piece of work. I’m on ep 13 right now. This was the last drama Woo Bin completed before he was found to be ill. (He is doing much better now and is slated to appear in upcoming dramas. YAY!)


@stardust2466_546 Uncontrollably Fond, was pain. I ended up liking it more than I thought I would. I miss Woobin and I’m glad he’ll be back soon.


I cried my eyes out with that show.


Ok I think I have several shows going right now!!! But I need to meet Rowoon!

Dating In the Kitchen
Red Sky - Watch Party
Love Script
Under the Power


I have that one on my list but haven’t watched it yet :expressionless:


If any of you want a comedy break in between dramas, watch this:

It’s an MMTG interview of Youn Yuh Jung, one of my favorite Korean grandmas. She’s hilarious and her deadpan, honest answers are soooooo funny!

At the same time, she’s a wise woman. I love her thoughtful takes on different issues. She’s also really, really honest with her answers and doesn’t shy away from talking about things like her struggles in her career.


I M watching the new C drama called fall in love, really neat, , got so many to watch & catch up!!


I’ve already done my fair share. It’s like a train wreck that I just can’t look away from.



Why would you think it is incomplete?


only 18 here on viki, 32 on Netflix


I bet the once at N are shorter, at Viki one ep is 1.14 hrs long. How long at N?


This movie is very disturbing, but I don’t regret watching bc it does have an ending I’m at peace with. VERY graphic in carnage/bloody scenes so if you are squeamish I suggest you skip. On the other hand, if you like to see different stories that will shock you: THIS IS THE ONE.

Great Actor Yoo Ah In. Plays any role to perfection.


I started show # one billion :grin: and literally waited 15 ep. until ml shows up.

I knew this was going to be more business than romance but I’m really watching it for my hottie, Li Hongyi.

When he finally showed up, it was worth it. I’m trying not to ff as much. This show has a good perspective on how people deal with real life office work. I can almost listen to it as background noise and still understand it because it’s not super complicated.



I checked on netflix and they have 30 episodes, and here at viki they cut out some 12 episodes, but they are fillers with other ppl, so maybe that’s why they did it. It’s still a great drama to re-watch and I’m on episode 30 (Final Episode on NTFX that is).



On netflix each episode is 42 minutes, but they don’t have previews at the end.

They changed the title on ntfx to [LOVE YOU]


thanks for the update. I will check it out …


Yesterday, I wanted to hold a movie night and watched this movie:

The editing and flow of the movie isn’t supberb, but it has got enough story to be entertaining.


truth or dare, really interesting, kinda reminds me I will never let you go, Just the mask and a couple of other things. anyway, think its cute too. not watching much today. not feeling very well…


Started this yesterday. It’s intriguing so far.

Also, thanks to all of @vivi_1485’s gushing, I had to start ‘Young Lady and Gentleman’, even knowing it was on-air. So far it lives up to her descriptions. The youngest son in the family is so precious.


The Claus Family on ntflx Dutch movie. It’s a perfect christmas night movie.

On viki
Some very nice romantic scene

Went back to watch ONE THE WOMAN already on episode 12