What are you currently watching?


So I have a QUESTION - Why are there not more dramas with FIREMAN or EMTS etc.
FIREFIGHTING Handsome guys! I mean come on! Where are the DRAMAS???


I liked this movie though it’s really old - and firefighters are always hot :joy::sweat_smile::

I do wish we had more firefighter dramas, though… maybe there aren’t many because you constantly have to have destroyed buildings, fire, and stuff


I hope you like it!! We’ve all been struck by lightning right now because ML’s amnesia is about to kick in :sob::sob: But the drama has been pretty good and the main couple are ADORABLE. So I think I’ll trust the writers :sweat_smile:

The pace is really good… that’s probably why it crossed 32% viewership on Sunday!!


I was surprised by the fast pace. It’s really nice, but at the same time it makes me a little leery, given how many eps it’s supposed to have. I worry about what kind of stuff they will go through.


my point exactly!!!


I loved this movie!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Though I enjoyed the first part, I like this one because I was able to connect to the characters. I started shipping people, and I cried a lot over the back-stories. It was full of action and twists and I CANNOT wait for Along With the Gods 3!!

I am officially in love with Haewonmaek :joy::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: What a character!

AND I REALLY WANT THESE TWO TOGETHER :sob::sob::sob: WAAAAAAA their lives were a whole tragedy I WANT A HAPPY ENDING!


If I wasn’t so scared of action thrillers (and the fact that I have exams coming up lol), I’d totally go on a Joo Ji Hoon drama marathon! I’ve already put Jirisan, Mask, and Goong on my list for now.


there are 2 movies actually it’s a sequel, I liked the stories a lot, imagine there is something like that in afterlife… any sci-fi/fantasy is my fave!! And yes the the 2 MLs are hot! There is quite some food for the thought that will make you think about your actions in life and their consequences!


theres a new one, don’t recall the name, the flaming heart, the first couple of episodes were good

the fall in love, now gotta watch it, it is on my list.
I have find me in your memory, guess I will rewatch it

I have decided to watch now we are breaking up, on my list

so glad you enjoyed along with the gods, I have watched both of those movies twice, and you say #3> oh boy cant wait!!


@kdrama2020ali the flaming heart is terrible, even though it’s one of my favorite genres. I couldn’t get past even one episode. they are not professional at all and the editing is choppy


If you are talking about Young Lady and Gentleman, I heartily agree. I’m really loving this show. I look forward to Chairman’s step-mother having a meltdown every week. LOL. I often start viewing before they have each new episode completely subbed, I like it that much.


Totally agree with all points. This was one of the best K-movies I’ve ever seen. And YES to the one ML and the younger FL getting together in the end. They seem to have a fated destiny. I’ve got to go back and watch the first movie. I had a great time at the watch party for this movie yesterday!


Just started You are my glory, let’s see


Kdrama, this is the one I was talking about last night that I wanted to love but was really bad. I was surprised by how poor the production quality was. Besides maybe the first episode, the sets were really cheap looking, and there were things like major disaster scenes where literally only one ‘extra’ was running around scared. They must have had NO budget.


I am watching [UNDER SUSPICION] Spanish series, and I’m delighted to have found such a jewel since I was thirsty for substance in a different kind of story. The English subtitles are amazing. I give it a 10.


Started this and now I’m caught up.
Literally binged it in 2 days.
Cannot wait for more episodes!

Enemies to lovers trope.


I saw lots of comments on MDL saying that most dramas like these have tragic endings so I’m scared and waiting it out :sweat_smile:

I just can’t hate her, she is soooooooo stupid!


It doesn’t have a tragedy tag. Sometimes I check the ending for spoilers to make sure it’s a good ending. I’ll have to snoop around later and double check. :smile: It’s so good I couldn’t resist watching it for Yanjun.


I don’t hate her. I agree, she is very dipsy but she is also a bit of a bungling manipulator. I don’t groove on that type of behavior even though it’s a common theme in these dramas. For all that, this one is highly entertaining with all of the various family kerfuffles.

LOL, word of the day:


/kərˈfəfəl/ noun


  1. a commotion or fuss, especially one caused by conflicting views.

“there was a kerfuffle over the chairmanship”


I like that word! I’ve always liked funny British words like that because I grew up reading it… sad that so many of those words aren’t being used much these days…


Agree. There are so many funny and cute words :smile:
It’s also sad when you use such a word (even in your native language) and people have no clue what you are talking about…