What are you currently watching?


I started watching this

Warning: The subject matter of this drama is VERY difficult and there are a lot of truly disturbing characters. Admittedly, I have to skip through a lot of stuff that is too much for my fragile heart to handle, but I’m always glad to see the bad guys get their comeuppance. And now that I’ve gotten into it, I’ll have to stay until the end to see the main bad guy get what’s coming to him. (Please let it actually be worthy of his utter heinousness)


and I wanted to watch that one! Flaming heart

another older one, about 1976, Emergency, anyone watch that one? and now today when I watch it, change of opinion.

the flaming heart I did stop at the second episode, just didn’t care for it.


Finished Lawless Lawyers…
What’s with all these dramas that have a strong start, but such a lackluster ending? :sweat:


I have not been able to finish this one and his fight scenes are AWESOME - the politics is ICK


The first episode of this set up an intriguing mystery. I hope it doesn’t fall flat.


Same. I couldn’t finish it too. I was so crazy about it and then after ep.9 I lost interest.


Started Pleased be at Ease Mr. Ling.
The beginning is crazy :rofl:


Since I finished, The Coolest World, I started another cdrama, “Prodigy Healer.” (among the several others I got going on here lol)

I am a huge Luosi + Hongyi shipper and was excited to find out they had another drama together. (besides, Love Better Than Immortality)

Prodigy Healer, is a fantasy romance genre. CGI, super powers and set in the 1920s era.


Have you watched the eps 16? :neutral_face:


No, if you are talking about Young Lady and Gentleman. I’m caught up to all episodes available in my area (U.S.) which is episode 16. I believe this is a 20 episode series. It has been REALLY fun to watch. The ML (Chairman) has three children and they are just precious; especially the youngest boy!



It’s awesome to watch although it has sad stories. I loved it bc is different, and the way the story unfolds is totally different (for me it was). I have watched this twice. I know it won’t be your fave, but you’ll like it in the end.


I am up to episode 7, and it is fabulous! It has me hanging on every word, and I can’t wait to find out what is going to happen next. I think it might actually become one of my faves in the end, as long as it keeps up its level.


nope, it has more than 50!!! but I was kind of disappointed with the last one :neutral_face:


Well, well, well. Good to know. I am hopeful that it continues to be worth the watch. I always tell myself that there will be some parts of every series that will be duds. It’s the overall experience that I’m looking for. :wink:


Because I was in the mood for a Japanese movie and I realised I hadn’t seen this movie yet.


I realize I could have put this here.
I’ve picked up Put Your Head On My Shoulder. I’ve had it on hold and I’m trying to finish it.

The way he’s piggybacking her, lol She’s so tiny, he’s holding her knees, it’s so cute, and then there’s the look on his face when she blows in his ear.


has anyone seen love of a thousand years? if so what is your thoughts.


saw this. its cute.


I already knew that was going to happen to him. I had been active on the MDL comment section and someone had directed me to the KBS channel page, which had the official description of the plot and characters. The amnesia is part of the plot. I won’t blur it because, according to KBS, it isn’t a spoiler. It’s the plot of the drama.
Young Lady and Gentleman - Program Info | KBS WORLD TV

Till now, the drama’s pace has been wonderful, and the writers have not dragged any storylines. It has been quite the adorable ride, so I’m willing to trust that they will use this plot device nicely. I don’t mind an amnesia plot if it’s done properly.

@stardust2466_546 It’s going to have 50 episodes, so the drama will end in March 2022 :sweat_smile: If it stays this good, I’ll be glad I can stay with the family for so long!


Find Me In Your Memory

And the OST is so good!
Cinematography is excellent!
So far love it
Thanks @my_happy_place