What are you currently watching?


I still have … still can’t continue …


In here I’m watching [THE RED SLEEVE] (whatever that means) Is a repeat story from the Joseon Era. So far I see nothing new,

[NOW, WE ARE BREAKING UP] - Like it a lot so far but not expecting much since both actors are so cold when acting which is SAD to see. The ML and FL are not my favorites but I want to give them a chance with this one. Let’s see if they improved. They both have one drama a while back that I loved from them.

I finished both movies [Along With The Gods] some subtitles and segmenting issues distracts the viewing, but the special effects are great, and the story plot follows the story well enough to keep viewers watching. Fun to watch sad part and all.

ON NTFX I watch American movie [RED NOTICE] - AWESOME movie! Action packed #1 in my book. From beginning to end it keeps you ENTERTAINED.

Also, watching on NTFX [HELLBOUND] with Yoo In Ah - Let’s just say is a weird drama that is too fake to be believable, so it doesn’t make me eager to watch, but will continue watching bc I need to see how they clean up this too fake of a mess. Finished Hellbound I regret starting this series and sadly season 2 is ‘‘coming soon’’

[FABLE] so-so, so far. Not much to say so far. I might drop it. Japanese i didn’t dropped it and is watchable.

ZERO TO HERO Hong Kong based on a real life story of a boy from Hong Kong that wins the gold medal in the Paralympics competition in 4 Olimpics. Very good story.


trop bien ! qui a deja commencer hapiness, inspecteur joy et shadaw beauty jai bien envie de regarder ca avec quelqun !


Oh, my! Way more episodes than I thought there would be! I also hope that this continues to remain as entertaining as it has been up to now. Thanks for the info!


Has anyone watched this one? I watched it last night and enjoyed it a lot even though the ending required tissues. The ML was so caring toward the FL and the FL was just so goofy and bubbly. J-drama/movie; I know some of you don’t like to watch older offerings (this is from 2006), but I felt it was so worth it. @kdrama2020ali, I do think you’d like this one if you haven’t yet watched it.


Adding to my list - thank you @stardust2466_546

You should put that in the J-drama thread
Fav J-drama thread


Just added it to that thread! Thanks!


I’m watching [SRI&J] but so far nothing to brag about. My boy 2PM Taeceyon, is ML and I know he’ll fix this up… bc so far I’m bored to the core.


This is SO good I can’t even say enough good things about it!!!


Just started: Cute Programmer
So far it’s good, I’m enjoying it


I just got done watching Kill It’s now my favorite show.


I’m a fan of The Eternal Love, so I’m curious to Cute Programmer (as the shows have the same male lead).

The ones I was watching are on hold at the moment, because I wanted to rewatch TharnType.

I’m so happy I can watch TharnType without the many commercials now, compared to the first time I watched this show on another website.

And I’m watching Meet Me After School. I didn’t think much of it in the beginning, but somehow I cannot stop watching. I’m hoping every character will find happiness. (I haven’t read any spoilers yet, and I don’t want to know yet, untill I’ll find out in the show, but I’m afraid it won’t have the happy ending I’m hoping for.)


I like it! I’m now on the eps 18 and it’s good, let’s see…


I swear guys on Eps 5 and 6 - This show is SO much more! So Different than any of the other dramas! I LOVE it and SIKKIE is so BUFF - I want him to stay this way!!! :zombie: :woman_zombie:


Me too, I think he looks great, he looks healthy, I love it.


All the reviews were praising this as the best school youth drama out of all the ones they’ve seen. I guess I’m the odd one that found this tiring. It’s truly 90% about friendship and the beauty of youth.

The thing I couldn’t stand the most was the fl being in love with the 2ml for 26 out 36 episodes. It dragged on and on. By the end of the drama we barely had 10 mins of the leads being “a couple.” They were stuck together throughout the whole drama but they never actually became a couple til the last 5 mins of the drama. So if you like slice of life where romance takes a back seat, this is for you. Well, let me edit: It does have romance for every other character except our leads. LOL


Thanks for the review! I stopped watching school dramas a long time ago and this was one of my reasons for stopping. School dramas usually have either tons of girls/guys flocking around ML/FL, or there are two/three guys actively chasing her and we have to spend the entire drama waiting for her to choose one. She has romance with ALL of them so it becomes hard for us to predict, but at the same time, we never see proper relationship development between her and the ML because FL is so busy having heart-fluttering moments with all the other guys :roll_eyes:


I completely agree!!!


I agree. I watch school dramas when I need a filler, like when I’m in between waiting for other dramas.

I don’t mind the fluffy silly plots but I hate when the leads take forever to fall for each other. I like seeing the relationship gradually build without too much side stories getting in the way.



Watched this last night in a Watch Party! Really a good movie - just make sure to keep up with the names - we got a little confused at one point but it all turned around in the end!!!