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Just started Miss the Dragon.


English translations of non-English titles are always interesting. I have known for a long time, thanks to being clued in by a Chinese friend years ago (actually ethnic Chinese but a “boat person” after the Vietnam War), that "long" or "lung" means "dragon", and "oolong" means "black dragon." As in oolong tea or “black dragon” tea.

According to Google and DeepL (did I say those names out loud), the title which in Chinese characters is 遇龙 (Yulong) is translated “Meet the Dragon.”

What is Miss the Dragon? “Baby, are you a dragon, cause I miss you.” That kind of thing?

And what kind of dragon exactly is the Dragon King? Not an imperial five-fingered Chinese dragon, not the creature that is part deer, part cat, part lion. He’s not even a dragon who climbed out of a ditch.

I like Miss the Dragon, but seems to have nothing to do with what I learned about Chinese dragons years ago.


Painter in the wind - catching up on sageuks :blush:


Two Lights: Relumino - about two nearly-blind people who meet at a photography club

It’s actually a 30-minute Samsung ad(for a visual aid app) but it is soooooooo heart-meltingly beautiful! Sight is such a wonderful gift we take for granted.
I have to say, it is WONDERFUL seeing PHS again on screen! :heart_eyes: And I miss my ocean so much more now :disappointed_relieved:
Han Ji Min is so beautiful!


I’m currently watching True Beauty I love it so much…
It’s not just about her face but about everything a human should do in real life…
It shows how misunderstandings can cause bad things…
There are so many lessons to learn from True Beauty!

tbh i wanted to watch it because of LSH and HSJ’s bromance!:sweat_smile:


Please come back and review after you finish, Miss The Dragon because I’m on the fence about watching it. It doesn’t have favorable reviews/comments on yt.

Last night I finished:

I didn’t expect much at all. Thought it was a fluffy fast cdrama but it’s packed with twists. The leads are well matched. The reason I kept passing it up was because I thought the ml looked too young with his baby face. I thought, “oh no, this will be silly and immature” but I was wrong. ML has a nice tone of voice. His character was mature and serious without being cold. Once he fell for our fl he was as cute as a puppy around her. FL is a strong woman. She has her own dreams and doesn’t allow anyone to take advantage of her. Their misunderstandings are solved pretty fast, which is a good thing.

This is, “a rich ceo w/smart working class fl” trope.

Although ml is rich he doesn’t use his money in a ridiculous way. When he spoils fl it’s in a way that insures her safety and happiness.

You will end up liking characters you hated, and hating characters you like.


I finished this one too just before started my newest one and I also didn’t expect much, but it was fun.

Hahaha now I’m curious to which characters you are talking about. The one you hated but ended up liking, I can guess :laughing:. I was also amused by the people in the TCs who didn’t see certain “villains” coming.


2 characters I thought were likable at first are, Mu Ansheng (the step bro) and Ling Sheng (ml youngest bro). I don’t like when step siblings end up liking each other. Esp. if one of them was against it. FL was so uncomfortable with her brothers confession but he kept pursuing her. They never really redeemed themselves to me.


The little brother was suspicious to me since the start :rofl:.

Another thing that bothered me about the stepbrother was that he acted like he was entitled to her romantic love, like dude… what is wrong with you?


I ff all of the younger bro scenes of him & the delusional girl he love. :joy:

The step-bro was a serious creep after he found out FL was dating. When he asked her if she slept with ml & if it was consensual, I wanted to gag! He was so sure that if ml hadn’t showed up, he would have a chance. What a weirdo.


I actually don’t mind that he asked her that, since it’s something an older brother could ask, just to make sure his sister wasn’t taken advantage of. Of course, he could’ve just asked out of jealousy. I choose to give him the benefit of the doubt in this case.

That sense of entitlement was also a running theme with his sister :thinking:. I did watch it without skipping, but not missing much from the little sister / little brother loveline :neutral_face:. Yeah, some of the storylines could’ve been scrapped altogether… :laughing:.

The “I have a chance till the day (minute) this person gets married” might be a cultural aspect though, since I’ve heard it many times before, both in dramas and real life.


I still really like the drama overall. Some parts were very hard to watch because of how cringe they were.

The love between the leads made up for the lack of sense in some of the other characters.

The delusional sister really made me bite my tongue a lot. Her and her brother (actually the whole Mu family) were so mind boggling.


They could’ve written them all out of the story :laughing:


I’m impressed. I really, really loved the story of the main leads, but I pretty much couldn’t stand every other secondary character. How many crazy, obsessive, possessive, entitled characters does one need in a drama? There should be a limit. LOL


Hahaha there should be a limit indeed :rofl:


I just started this one- Happiness
with Han Hyo Joo and Park Hyung Sik
and some zombies…


I am so enthralled with how they pieced together the female lead. She’s not your typical FL trope- She’s independent, overcame such immense hardships in life, and is an absolute kickass! Yet, her sweet moments with the little girl next door outweigh everything! Clearly, her priorities are in order.
And I can’t say enough good things about the quiet male lead. He has his history with the FL (where she pushed him off a building…yes, quite literally pushed him off a building) and he’s stuck close to her ever since.

I’m especially impressed that this drama focuses not on the romance (it’s there, but subtle) but on the zombie outbreak (Madman Rabies…weird name, but okay).
It’s intense. I love zombie flicks, but I may be in the minority there. Anxious to see how this develops now that I know the chairman is involved and the Lt. Colonel isn’t as bad a guy as I wanted to believe.


I was really unsure about watching this… I love the amnesia trope, and I’m currently on a quest for good amnesia dramas. I also thought the ML looked too young, but since you and @feyfayer like it, I’ll bring it back on top of my watchlist!


So Ji Sub and Son Ye Jin!!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

I was sooooooo scared to watch this one. From the description itself, you know it’s going to be a a tearjerker. But I just HAD to watch it for So Ji Sub.

Most of you know I’m a happy ending ADDICT, so believe me when I say this - it was done very, very well. I brought a HUGE box of tissues and waited to pull them out. To my surprise, I sat laughing and laughing for the entire first half of the movie. The characters are really funny, and the plot itself is very creative. Even though you feel apprehension lurking somewhere inside you, it’s still fun to watch how the amnesiac FL slowly come to terms with life. I also liked the parallel story of how the ML and FL met and fell in love. It added new depth to the characters and I really got attached to them. The twist was also surprising and thoughtful.

Though I needed to use lots and lots of tissues, I still loved the way they brought out the ending. It was not hopeless, bleak, or depressing. The child actor was AMAZING, and so were So Ji Sub and Son Ye Jin. 10/10 recommend. It’s a good, meaningful movie.

Bonus: PARK SEO JOON CAMEO!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I hope you enjoy it. Knowing you, you’ll also skip some of the parts :laughing.
If you do, go ahead and do that, since you won’t be missing a lot :relaxed:


I think you’ll like the surprises. Like @feyfayer mentioned, you will not miss out on anything important if you skip some parts. :laughing:

The leads are so cute and funny. I would rewatch just for them.


Just finished 5-9. Cute.