What are you currently watching?


I watched a cute one on Netflix yesterday, my startup for Christmas movies,

A boy called Christmas, not animated, but wonder if the boy was digitally enhanced (is that right?) really a neat story, and finished it


I’m Loving Happiness, I don’t think it’s just because I’m a Huge Hyung Sik fan either, I’m enjoying the story,


Forget Me Not (38 shows) - MyDramaList


Well Hyung Sikkie is just the icing on the zombie :zombie: :woman_zombie: cupcake :cupcake:
I am loving it although I might not sleep at night!


I’m really enjoying this one! Fun to watch the girl in hot pursuit!


I’m loving the zombie plot so much! I’m waiting for ep. 7 to get subtitled, but I’m sooooooo impatient! I know I’ll regret it though if I watch it too early. Such conflicted feelings!!!

Well said @kdrama2020ali . Very well said. :wink:


I’ve watched every episode twice, I’m watching 7 right now, I can’t wait for subs, so I watch without and then again when there are subs. lol


But aren’t you curious as to what they’re saying?
I mean…I could always make it up in my head and then find out if I’m right, but that’s just setting me up for dramatic failure. LOLs



I guess I need to re-think about not watching this one. It was the zombie thing that ‘‘turned me off’’ but I’ll take another look today later on. Starting from episode 1. I love the ML acting so…it’s only fair.


You definitely won’t regret it. Just saying.


Yes, I am. I don’t know why but I don’t typically imagine what they’re saying, except in a few places. I watch because I can’t wait on PHS.


just finished another one on Netflix, called Faith,Hope, Love. ok had a lot of mixed thoughts here, I was looking for a ballet one, and that was there too. I must say this was confusing, BUT this was for a dance contest. I won’t tell you too much cause will give it away, stick with the story and you will see what I mean. Another awesome ending. maybe boring in some parts but the dancing stuff was awesome, the Tango won!! the ending was heartwarming. so the heart throbs come on!!!


I’ve been watching ‘Happiness’ as part of a group with @sweetybirdtoo and @kdrama2020ali (because zombies are more easily handled in groups), and I really love it so far. It has an interesting mix of the zombie action and the sweet moments between characters and the mystery behind the illness and the dynamics between all the residents in the apartment complex. It’s not all one or the other in this one. The FL is the type of FL that dreams are made of - strong and empowered but soft and loving. Park Hyung Sik is in my top tier, and I am loving this role and performance.

I will join the chorus in saying that I really loved the main couple in Please Feel at Ease. They alone made the drama worth it to me. I fell for that male lead in ‘My Dear Lady’, in particular during the BTS footage that would play at the end of each ep. He has a strong charisma and magnetism about him. Hope you enjoy it if you end up watching it. I know you’re not afraid of the skip button. :laughing:


You know the thing that gets me about this “illness” is they’ve made it seem like the drug which causes the disease is transmissible via blood-borne pathogens. Only a virus acts like that. Not drugs. Drug aren’t typically transmitted between people. But this is just me. I’m analyzing too much.
Also, things are probably going to get interesting once the FL realizes she has immunity. The last things she’s going to want is to be cooped-up like a lab rat. I hope it doesn’t come to that. I hope it doesn’t come to that and that the ML won’t have to save her to wrap it all up. She’s a strong FL. A truly strong FL. We rarely find those in dramas.


yep, before viki takes them out… the list get smaller with the classic sageuks :open_mouth::disappointed_relieved: Kim Soo Roo, Jumong and more are gone… :disappointed_relieved:


Yes, my list is shorter than it was before, but still so long.
It’s sad that I can’t watch many of them on Viki. Either they are gone or unavailable for my region :sob:


I would love to try this one, I really have a soft spot for Kim Dong Wook, but since Riders, no drama of him has been licensed in my area. :cry:


Aw - it is really good too - I hope it comes up in your area soon!


@sailormoon4ever & @my_happy_place, this drama is going to kill me, the cliffhangers and previews are amazing.

Now that we’ve hyped up Happiness so much people will be expecting a lot out of the drama. lol


Oh! @sweetybirdtoo Did you already see the next one?
Don’t spoil ep. 7 for me please! I’m still waiting for English subs!!!

But…Is ep. 7 gonna make me hate the Lt. Colonel even more, or the Chariman, or the lady from floor 12? I hate them all, I’m just waiting for a main antagonist to take charge and for epic battles to come forth! extreme hyperventilating